Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Very Good Day

Yesterday was a VERY GOOD day! Some of our items on eBay sold better than expected, so we had a little extra money to run a few errands in the Big town.

I really had no business stepping foot inside a thrift shop, but the local Salvation Army was calling my name and I just couldn't say no. By the time we got there, the younger two girls were fast asleep, so Hubby stayed in the van and Oldest and I went in to see what we could find. I had hoped to find more items to sell on eBay, but they got rid of their toy department. Too many recalls on toys, they said, so rather than risk selling any "bad" toys, they won't sell any at all! Anyway, no toys, so went to the glassware department and found a nice Pyrex bowl reasonably priced. One last quick look around and I almost missed it! I gave Oldest the bowl to hold and grabbed my newly spied treasure-- a vintage pink chenille blanket! No holes!! No rips!! Queen sized!! Pink!!
I only saw a tiny stain down by one of the edges, hardly noticeable unless I pointed it out to someone and I couldn't believe my lucky find!

Here's what it looks like on a twin bed in Youngest's room. Looks great with the green walls, but I already have a twin sized chenille blanket for her, and this one is going on our bed as soon as it warms up enough to not need a thick winter blanket anymore! Plus, I am tickled that Hubby likes it too and kept commenting on how cool it'll look on our bed! Gotta love a guy that doesn't care if the blanket on the bed is old and PINK!!

When we got back from running errands, I spotted a bunch of boxes on the front step left behind by the UPS guy. After unloading our goodies and getting the girls hooked up with juice and snacks, I was able to open and discovered this:: one of my Bloggy friends sent me the car seat that her baby has outgrown, knowing that I needed a car seat for the new baby.

I have never met her and only know her through our Blogs, and I am so touched by her kindness and thoughtfulness in thinking of me and my family. She asked me if I minded using her daughter's baby seat, having since outgrown it and many places refusing to accept donated car seats, for safety reasons. As you know, I shop thrift stores and yard sales, so I absolutely don't mind using second-hand items. Money is tight, and when I went to price new car seats, I was blown away by the prices compared to nearly 6 years ago when I bought a car seat for Oldest. She sent me the car seat, base, an extra base and an infant head pillow. Thank you so much dear friend!! You'll be getting something in the mail from me soon!!

I can now cross off getting a car seat off my list of things I need to get before the baby gets here. It's not a very long list, as I still have most of my baby items, and the car seat was the biggest item I needed.


Ashley Ladd said...

What a beautiful blanket and how nice that your bloggy friend is to send you the car seat.

I like to shop at yard sales and thrift stores, too. I'd never thought to buy things to resell on ebay. I've never sold on ebay so I'm afraid it might be difficult. Is it? That might be a fun way and is it too hard? to make a little extra money.

jenny said...

Ashley-- Once you get the hang of eBay, it gets easier to sell items. I was nervous the very first time, but they have since made the listing forms much easier to understand and the fees are cheaper as well. I sell what I know, which is vintage toys and glassware and once in a while bits and pieces that I know are expensive and I got cheap! There are also slow days and good days, like, right now, McCoy pottery isn't doing so good, so I don't put any up for sale, and will wait until the market for them gets hot again.

If you are consistent with putting things up for sale, and they sell, you can make some nice pocket money, but I am not always consistent and I get busy with the kids.

DJ Kirkby said...

Please put up a wish list of things you need for you and the baby so we can have a blog wide maternity shower! Please? I feel like you are my friend and I can't be there in person otherwise I would organise a party for you!

Michelle D said...

I agree with Kirkby! I think it's great idea!

barefoot gardener said...

*Big Smile*

I am so glad you had a good day!

I agree with kirby, as well. I never did like that stupid rule that you can only have a baby shower for the first one. Each baby is unique, each pregnancy is unique, and every time is like the first!

Besides, it will be fun!

jenny said...

Dj, Michelle and Barefoot--

Thanks so much for the shower idea, but I really feel like I couldn't possibly put a wish list out for the things we need before baby gets here. I feel like that is such a me me me thing to do...

Besides, everyone lives so far away, I can't imagine how it would be done!! I felt the same way when I registered for gifts for the wedding and for the first baby. How weird it was to go around saying "I want this, I want that..." and then sending the list out to family and friends. It seemed so wrong!

Thank you all really, for the kind wishes!! :o) You all have been great bloggy friends!! xoxo

Barbara said...

What a great find that blanket was. You lucky thing!

I haven't sold on ebay for a while but generally once a year sort out my daughter's wardrobe and list her clothes. They sell quite well and it's nice to have a bit of extra money. I've sometimes picked stuff up at the charity shop or car boot and sold that on too. It's good fun, a bit of a challenge.