Thursday, February 14, 2008

Every Day is Supposed to Be a Love Day!

It's nice to know that other people share my views on Valentine's Day. While Valentine's Day might be fun when you have someone special in your life, it sucks when you are all alone and all the commercials on TV talk about diamonds and chocolates and flowers, blah blah...

I can remember only one V-day when I had a boyfriend and I was 19 in college before I married my husband. We went on a double date with another couple to a really fancy restuarant ( the fanciest I've ever been to without my parents!) and afterwards he gave me a teddybear holding a photo frame and some candy. I was thrilled because I never had gotten anything on V-day from a boy before!

In high school, for fund-raising, one of the classes would sell "cupid carnations". You pay $1 for a certain color and you can include a note or send it anonymously to someone special. White for friendship, Pink for someone special and Red for love. All week, people would giggle and point when someone got a carnation from someone and when someone didn't get one. I never got one. sigh...

Now that I am with my husband, I always have someone to share V-day with, except we don't really make a big deal out of it. I don't tell my husband "I love you" because it is Valentine's day. I don't go out and buy a heart card and he doesn't go out and break the bank to buy me a chocolate-covered diamond. We tell each other "I love you" all the time, every day! We have lots of love notes that we wrote to each other in the "early years" of our relationship and marriage and we saved them in a special box. I will write a letter to my husband when the mood strikes me and I feel overwhelmed with love for him, not because it is V-day.

We were out today and missed lunch, so we stopped for a late lunch with the girls. I had planned to have the girls help me make refridgerator cookies and in the spirit of Valentine's I was going to use a heart cookie cutter. But because we didn't get home until almost 4, none of us are hungry and I don't like to start baking after a certain time, especially cookies that take a little longer than usual with the refridgeration times and each tray needing to bake 12 to 15 minutes each... So maybe tomorrow, it'll be a cookie day and I'll make extra to bring to MIL's and FIL's birthday/anniversary party on Saturday.


Lantana said...

Valentines Day like many of the other holidays we practice is only for commercial purposes, very little else!

I was out of town for several days and able to visit the "Wide Shoe Store" in Portland so snapped up a pair of all wool "slide" slippers for my husband, since he has such a terrible time finding footwear because of his "bear" feet. That was his Valentine present from me. Kind of. I would have purchased them anyway, regardless the month.

I think the keyword is COMMON SENSE here. How many diamonds can you wear, anyway? How many chocolates can you down without getting sick (not to mention the zits!). When your deaf friends start bragging about what they received for Valentines Day, just sit back with a mysterious half smile on your face and if asked, respond with "That's private". In other words, "Eat your heart out"!

Geeze Louise, I refuse to be a sheep!

Lantana's Latitude

Dhor said...

AAwwwwwww Jenny I never got one of those damn carnations either! I'm sorry but those things should be banned.

BTW I've been catching up and I read your pregnancy update post. Well damn, and wow. I actually hope you continue to share no matter what the details might be. It's a neat thing to read about stuff that I've never been through (but hope to someday) if there's anybody to learn from, lord knows you'll be a good teacher. So anyways whenever you feel comfortable - tell all! You're not scarying anybody away.
And Thank You, you know, for being so cool. :)