Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flower Power

Hubby gave me flowers!!

Ok, so they're stamps.. But it's the thought that counts! He could have bought those boring American Flag stamps (nothing against patriotism) or those historical figures stamps (or history), but no, he bought FLOWERS!! This will make paying the bills a little brighter, won't they?

I'll take stamps of flowers over real flowers any day. I love flowers, but I always felt bad for recieving cut flowers that die a week later. I'll plant flowers, but I don't usually cut them and put them in vases. I'll enjoy them where they grow and sniff their fragrant beauty day after day.

When hubby cuts the grass on the riding mower, he will intentionally avoid mowing down daisies, my favorite flowers. Ain't that sweet? We will walk around the yard and I'll spot a patch of grass that he missed and turns out there is a daisy right in the middle of it. I'll look at him and he has a big grin on his face and he tells me he just couldn't mow over the daisy knowing it makes me happy. Ever since we have had a yard, he does this.

My wedding bouquet was of daisies. To save costs, I was going to make the bridesmaids' and my bouquet from daisies that I was going to buy from the Florists. I was going to do it all the day before our wedding, so the flowers would be fresh and I knew the florist closed at 5. Our wedding rehearsal and dinner ran late and by the time I got to the florists, I missed them by 15 minutes. Agh!! I ended up buying flowers from the food store and all they had was mixed bouquets of white daisies and other flowers. I bought all they had and made my bouquet with all the white daisies and the bridesmaids' with the other flowers. It turned out fine, and I actually spent less on flowers than if I had got them all from the florists.

When I got my hair done at the beauty parlor the morning of my wedding, I had them insert daisies in my hair. Big beautiful daisies in mine and small dainty ones in the bridesmaids' hair.

Needless to say, I love daisies and I am looking forward to seeing the first one of the year in our yard. I say this after we got a thick blanket of snow yesterday-4 inches- and the weatherman is calling for another snow storm in a few days. Any one else ready for Spring flowers??? I am!


barefoot gardener said...

Hubby is so sweet!!!

Mr. Barefoot would just look at me like I was nuts if I tried to tell him to save a flower. "don't you have enough?" he would say.

Here is hoping for many, many daisies in your yard this spring!

LaRonda said...

Your hubby gets the award for the most romantic guy out there! Lucky you!

~ LaRonda

Wendy said...

Daisies are my favorite flowers, too. I love them because they are so resilient. I mean, roses wilt in a day, but a cut daisy in a vase will last for weeks!

My husband doesn't like flowers. I mean, he likes them, but he's practical and anything planted in our yard should be edible or medicinal! Good thing I'm the one who plants and tends the garden, eh? :)

Jacqueline said...


I just bought those stamps yesterday. They really brighten up my bill paying!

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jenny said...

Barefoot-- I never asked him to do that, but I think he is such a sweetie for doing that. Thank you, I hope there will be many daisies this year, too!!

Laronda-- I'll gladly give him the award! :o)

Wendy-- Another thing I like about daisies is they practically grow anywhere! With a rose, you need to tend to it and prune 'em and fertilize them... high maintenance flowers, bah!

Jaqueline-- I'll check it out! Thanks! I haven't paid a bill with those stamps yet, but I sure hope they turn it into something more enjoyable!

DJ Kirkby said...

I lOVE those stamps and your daisy bouquet sounds amazing! When Chopper and I get around to getting married, I want one too.