Saturday, February 23, 2008

Awards Night!

I am way behind on my 'thank you's' for these two awards I have gotten. I am having one of those days where I want to curl up on the couch, huddled under a blanket and watch movies all day. But I know the minute I do that, one of the kids need help on the toilet, another one wants chocolate milk and the other climbs on top of me, sharp elbows poking me in the ribs and a foot kicking me in the belly. Not a desirable outcome. Do they even realize that Daddy is home and he is capable of helping to wipe bottoms and fetch drinks and is much more fun to climb on??

Anyway, I need to thank Dj Kirkby, Rob Clack and Sparx for giving me this "Excellent" blog award! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
I am supposed to pass out this award to 10 other bloggers, but this award has made it's rounds several times, and there are some I know that deserve this and haven't gotten one, so here goes!

I'd like to give this award to Barefoot, because she is so honest about the way she feels about her life and family. Although I don't know her personally, I feel like she is a very good friend to me. Her blog is one of the first I check on a daily basis!

I'd also like to give this to Wendy at Home Is... She writes thought-provoking posts about living sustainably and I think is very successfully raising her family on local resources.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee is an American living in the UK and is currently writing about the surprising discoveries she made when she first moved over there. Not as easy as you'd think the transition would be!

Summer at A Shot In the Dark who writes so poetically it makes me want to curl up inside her brain and stay awhile! She is pregnant and our due dates are close, so it's also a kindred spirit I find in her.

Danielle at Touch the Earth Farm is a wonderful blog about living sustainably and also providing garden goods to CSA members. I have learned quite a bit from reading her posts and I would recommend this blog to anyone wanting to start a little farm of their own.

I also have Barefoot to thank for this "Heart" award. Awww, Thanks, hon!

I am passing this award to Danielle is a Hor because she is so honest in so many aspects of her life. She doesn't care if her words are misspelled and is not afraid that she isn't being politically incorrect. Like it or not, this is her. This is quite an x-rated blog, so if you haven't been to her blog before, be warned.

This award is also going to Sparx of Notes Inside My Head who writes a hilarious account of life with her Spud and Frog. Her writing style is one that cannot be imitated though I am sure many have tried!

Also to Dj Kirkby because she writes not one, not two, but THREE blogs!! She was also recently diagnosed with Aspergers and has finally been enlightened to the whys of her past behaviours and events. I love her writing style as well, and her Wordless Wednesday posts, though I can never come up with a clever title!

This also goes to Molly of A Foothill Home Companion. She likes to re purpose things, recycle and thrift shops! A woman after my own heart. She recently posted about turning t-shirts into bags, and old sweaters into fingerless gloves! What's not to like about that?!

All of the blogs above have enriched my life in one way or another. I have gleaned lots of useful information from their posts and applied many of the ideas to my own life. A heartfelt Thank You, to all of you, for opening the door to your lives and letting me in. I promise to put everything back the way I found it! :o)


Blogging Molly said...

Thank you Jenny! It's great to connect with another thrifter and repurposer. I am honored by your visits :)

Sparx said...

Jenny you've made my night, thanks for such kind words, I really appreciate them. I'm going to email you about the maternity clothes as well, you can't be that much bigger than me.


barefoot gardener said...

Thank you, sweetie. You are the best!

DJ Kirkby said...

Thank you so much sweetie and for the Asperger mention, I am still keen to raise the awarness of Autism. Hopefully people will see beyond the disability when they meet 'sucessful' people like me. It amuses me greatly to see the look of suprise when I tell people in RL life that I have Asperger's, many of them argue that it isn't possible, instead of saying 'Wow how amazing, I would never have guessed, tell me more'. I have tagged you over on my blog. Hope your energy levels pick up again soon.

Wendy said...

Wow! Thanks! Sometimes I wonder if I'm just talking to hear my voice. It's nice to know that through all of my incoherent blather something of value comes out ;).

Thank you so much! I'm honored and humbled.

sufferingsummer said...

Wow an award for me?! This is really exciting, thank you Jenny...can't say that with all the chaos of the last month that there has been very poetic words coming from me, mostly spewing hoping to remain sane but I'm glad you're still reading! Can't wait to follow along and see what your new little one is crazy would it be if you had a boy with all those girls!