Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gretchen is 9

It never gets easier whenever your child has another birthday.
Today Gretchen turned 9. She'll never be 8 again, except in my memories and photos.

 We took her and her siblings to the toy store today, so they could spend birthday money that was burning a hole in their pockets. The girls all picked out new Monster High dolls and Peter was just happy with a free balloon! If we could all just be content with simple pleasures like he is!

 Her birthday menu was omelets for breakfast, and since we were out for the day, Taco Bell for lunch, and then French-style food for dinner, which consisted of french bread, grapes, cheese, deli meats and a special request of Mama's deviled eggs. Yum!

 Instead of a cake, she opted for brownies with ice cream, caramel sauce and sprinkles! 
She blew out those candles so fast, I never got a chance to get a picture of her blowing them out!  A good set of lungs on her!

Happy Birthday my beautiful, funny, smart girl. 
Don't grow up too fast!!
We love you!!


Cheyenne said...

Your children are really growing up fast. And they are all so darn cute, too.

Happy birthday, Gretchen!

jenny said...

Thanks Cheyenne! I'll pass on the birthday wishes. :o)