Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Before Halloween becomes old(er) news, here's the pictures of the kids in their completed costumes:

It all came together so easy this year, I can only hope future Halloweens will be this smooth!
Meet Little Girl Ready For Bed, Witch, Kitty Cat, and Shark!

My little girl dressing up as a Little Girl.
  She'll always be my little girl, no matter how big she gets! An easy costume- warm pj's, pigtails, freckles and... done!

Maybe this should be Silly Witch!
Even easier costume than the Little Girl: a store-bought costume we had already for dress-up, and all we needed was a witch hat, which we got from the dollar aisle at Target. It's attached to a headband and it's the cutest little witch hat ever!

Kitty Cat, meow! 
Leopard print pants and shirt, kitty ears from Target and all I needed to make was a tail from an old black shirt.  I made it belted-style, so she can continue to wear it in imaginary play. She likes pretending she's a cat pretty often these days. When we got the kitty ears a couple weeks ago, I predicted they'd break before Halloween came about, and sure enough, Peter broke the headband part of it yesterday. Have no tears, sewing mama to the rescue! I had a repair plan for just the break I imagined and added elastic to turn the head band into an elastic headband. Phew, disaster averted!

Shark boy!
He ended up really enjoying wearing the fin hat and teeth and I'm so glad people played along with him when they figured out what he was. One lady asked him if he would bite her if she put candy in his bucket and he vigorously nodded yes! So funny!  He kept the hat and teeth on the entire time!

Andrew joined in on the fun with these silly glasses! Sort of what Harry Potter would look like if he was older, eh? I like that we can laugh at ourselves and play along with the kids!

Living out in the country, there's really no place to trick-or-treat, so I can appreciate when churches and other organizations host 'Trunk or Treats' in the parking lots. We went to two such gatherings, one at the local elementary school and one at the church in town. The kids came away with big smiles and nearly full bags of candy and treats! The nice thing with the church is that it's not all candy-- there are pencils and little games, rubber band bracelets and bouncy balls, little Halloween activity books and even a full-sized bible for every kid! 

The local shopping center gets in on the fun, too, and we stopped by to get more milk and juice, and then to each of the stores for more treats.  It's fun to see the people that work there all dressed up and seeing them out of their usual work outfits.

It was a fun night and the kids happily sorted through their candy when we got home. They traded what they didn't like and after being allowed a couple pieces to eat, I hid all the candy, to be doled out little by little.

Hope your Halloween was just as fun!!
Happy November!! 


Vanessa said...

All of the costumes are too damn cute! I love the photos.

jenny said...

Thanks Van!! :o)