Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to...Piggy??

 There's always one of those toys that, after all the other ones have been given away, tossed, donated, or broke, still hangs around. We have a little pig, given to Evelyn when she was a baby, that has always been a favorite of one of the kids at one time or another. It goes in the toy bin awhile, then gets rediscovered and played with. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Lately, Piggy has been a heavy favorite between Gretchen and Sylvia.  They have him dressed in baby doll clothes, set him down for naps, bring Piggy to the table for meals.. Then a few days ago, they announced that it's Piggy's birthday in a few days. They set about drawing pictures and putting together some presents.  I thought it might be fun to surprise them and secretly make a cake for Piggy's birthday:

And were they surprised!!

 The Birthday Pig and his guests.

 Piggy seems pleased.

I think Piggy wished he could always be loved by us, which most certainly will come true. He's a keeper!


barefoot gardener said...

OMG! So cute!

jenny said...

I'm pretty pleased with how it came out! The kids loved it!

Amandeep said...

OMG!!! that's so adorable!
Can you adopt me?? I can cook (pretty good Indian food), clean, am good with computer related technical stuff, m pretty awesome with the camera and photo editors, and am a certified journalist, so can earn a decent amount... Can you adopt me pleaassee?? :) :)

You are making cakes so lovingly for your piggie's birthday, and here, there was no cake on my own birthday a couple of weeks back... And my parents forgot to buy me a present! :(

Teeeeeena said...

Heya, I just showed this to Annabelle and she asked whose birthday? I pointed to the piggy doll. She laughed and said silly, doll can't eat it. Silly.