Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP: Vintage Star

Ever since I saw this, I've had quilt-making on the brain. I love it. It's so simple and unfussy, yet bold and classic. It doesn't hurt that the blocks are big and I can easily make four quilts for each of my children without having to make hundreds of cuts and joining hundreds of small pieces of fabric to make one big piece. And then it uses vintage sheets? Even better!

I love vintage sheets and snap them up whenever I see them at yard sales or thrift stores. I have quite the pile. I actually use some of them on our beds and love the super soft feel of sheets washed hundreds of times over the years. I love the graphics on them, the great big flowers and the pop of color combinations used.
I've cut into the poorer ones and turned them in rag rugs, but for the most part, they're piled in a box in the basement, until I saw that Giant Vintage Star Quilt. Oh so lovely! So I gathered every vintage sheet I could find, sorted by colors, stacked them on the hutch in the dining room in plain view, so I could see them and be inspired and.... nothing. I can't bear to cut into them! What if I cut into it and make it and turns out I hate it? I've now wasted my lovely vintage sheet!

I needed to do something, anything, to give me that little push and get me over that hump of fear.
I decided to make mini stars!

I got these squares from a bloggy friend and I've been wanting to do something with them, but until now, had no inspiration. I decided to make small versions of the Giant Vintage Star Quilt and see how I like the pattern and it gives me a little practice, too.

I really like how they came out. I started with thinking I'll just make one, but one is not quite big enough for a doll blanket, unless it's for Barbie dolls, and making only one will surely cause some tug-of-wars between the girls. Can't have that. So I made three more, thinking if I wanted to, I could join them to make one small quilt.

Every star I made after the first showed improvements. Tighter corners, points matched up, better ironing on the back, less wonkiness...

And here are the finished blocks, four in all.
Now I'm thinking they need something between them, maybe a solid color to unite them. A line of zig-zags have crossed my mind, too. Or I could add a border to all of them and make 4 little doll quilts. Or make a wall hanging out of it? Options are endless. They'll be put on the back burner for now until I decide what to do with them.

Did they inspire me to cut into the vintage sheets?
I must say they have.
Sometime soon, I'll pick out colors and make my attempt at making my very own Giant Vintage Star Quilt.
Wish me luck!


Teeeeeena said...

Hahaha! so you love that blog like I do! That is on my to do list using up my 30's stash! That's why I asked you for your kids color favorite. Got Peter but not the girls. I haven't even taken the stash out, I am easily distracted wanting to do this and that and I ended up do nothing cuz I'm overwhelmed! Grrrr! I hate that.

by the way, your blocks looked so good! If you have more of those fabrics left, make more blocks maybe, you'll end up making a bed quilt for one of your kids??


jenny said...

Teena-- LOL! Ever since you gave me the link to that blog, I added it to my favorites.

I still have more of those music notes and color fabrics left, but it probably wouldn't be enough to make a quilt unless I add something for borders and in between. Might have enough for 4 more blocks?? mmmmmaybe 6?

What pattern did you make for Peter? The giant vintage star one?? I have enough sheets to make one for each of the kids, which I was planning to do.. but just haven't cut into the sheets yet.

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