Sunday, October 2, 2011

Eating with "Daddy"

Most meals are eaten together around the table. Sure, we have our moments and we eat in front of the TV with a movie on, or the kids have a "picnic" on the living room floor and it's just Andrew and I at the table, or sometimes, he's in the office in front of the desktop computer and I'm at the table with the laptop. But that's pretty rare, usually during lunch. Dinners are always, always, together around the table.

A few days ago, Andrew was out running errands and wasn't back for lunch. No biggie, really, but the kids were a little bummed about it. Our whiteboard was still out, having just finished some lessons and taking a little break for eating, so the kids asked me to draw daddy.

I started out simple, just the head and shoulders, his eyes, nose, eyebrows, mouth and goatee.
"Don't forget his earring!" Whoops!  Added his earring.
The kids were happy, chatting away with "Daddy" while we had our lunch.
Every now and then, one of the girls would get up and add a little more detail:
his forehead wrinkles..
arms and a shirt...
hand holding a fork with food on it...
blue eyes...
lines under his eyes...
a heart on his shirt.

Eating with Daddy, even putting a plate and glass in front of him.

Nice to know that the kids miss him when he's away from us.


Teeeeeena said...

LOL Love that wonderful likeness of Andrew! Frame it? LOL


Cheyenne said...

This post made my day!