Monday, August 16, 2010

Having Fun At The Cats' Expense

This is what we do with our cats around here... dress them up and coo over them like babies.
As long as we aren't hurting the cat and he doesn't run away, we'll play this way with him.

He was starting to get irritated by now.. those ears don't look too happy. We teach the kids to pay attention to animal behavior, to pick up on how the cat feels and don't push it or they'll get bitten or scratched.

Oops, too late! He turned into ZOMBIE CAT!! "I'll get you while you sleep tonight! I'll nibble on your toes and walk on your heads! I'll sit on your chest with my butt in your face! I'll teach ya not to humiliate me and take pictures of me in my poor 'ol misery! Grrrr! Hisss hisss!"


Karen Mayes said...

~laughing~ I have three cats... and one of them is very receptive to rough handling while two others run in other direction when they see my young daughter.

Mama Skates said...

~lmao~ hilarious!

ruairi said...

your awesome :-)

i love dressing my dogs and cats up ( all in good fun of course!)

AND the picture of the tomaters on top of your blog is awesome

keep up the good work :-)


jenny said...

Karen-- yes, we rough up the cats when they were kittens and then they grow to like it. We're never so mean we hurt them, we love our cats!! The younger kids can pick them up in the way little kids do, and the cats accept that, even being dragged by a leg, which is sort of funny, but we quickly intervene when we see that. :o)

Mama Skates-- we love playing with the cats like that! :o)

Ruairi-- Welcome! Glad you like what you see and what I've written. If you're here, you're awesome, too!! :o)