Thursday, November 5, 2009

Costumes and Catch up

Can you believe it's November 5th already?!? Cripes! Seriously, where does time go?

Here's that picture I promised of the girls in their costumes: Oldest as a vampire, dressed in black with crimped hair and pointy teeth; Youngest as a purple witch with black-painted fingernails and pointy hat; Middle as supergirl. I found the groovy blue polyester pant suit at a yard sale a while back and bought it to wear for Halloween one day. I don't know how people did it back then, but polyester is freakin' hot!! I was sweating buckets wearing that and ended up taking the jacket off and just wearing the pants with a t-shirt. So much for dressing up!

We had a great time! (Thanks sweetie, for having us up!) The girls got plenty of candy to last, at least, until Christmas and I got to see the brand-new baby, and catch up on the news with my best friend. We really ought to get up there more often, since we always have such a good time, both kids and adults.

Mom is officially retired now. She met us for Halloween and then rode home with me while Hubby drove her car. No more scheduled work hours, no more pissy supervisors, no more dragging herself to work when she feels like crap. I'm so proud of her and I hope she'll be happy living with us. We love having her here and the girls love their grandma!

We have had some mild days lately, so we are working the firewood. Hubby is frustrated with his chainsaw-- it's over 20 years old and it seems like there is always some reason to take it apart and fiddle with it before it will run, and even then, it struggles with cutting. Hubby hints for a new chainsaw, and I would love to get one for him, but as usual, money doesn't permit that. So he does what he can with what he has, even if he's a little grumpy about it.

It's gotten cold today, and I'm tempted to start up the wood stove, but we'll see. Maybe we can get away with not starting it up for another day. I'll just bundle the kids up in warmer clothes, do some baking to help warm up the house and see how it goes. I won't turn everyone into popsicles just so I can put off another day with starting the wood stove.

I've sort of lost my blogging groove. I need to get back into it. Bear with me... it's been busy here and I sit at the computer thinking I'd rather do something else, so I do.

My husband's cousin died on Monday. He was only 40. I feel bad for his Aunt, she found him, and I'm sure she is devastated. No parent should ever have to bury their own child. Services will be next Monday, so we are making arrangements for going up for the day.

Time to put Baby down for his nap, then go out and help Hubby with the wood. Later, dudes.


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

You MADE those costumes?? I for real can't believe you made the super-girl one, that's too neato Mrs. Jenny so sewing fool! :)

So your mom is LIVING with you now? LOL you write about it so shor and nonchalaunt :P I hope you'll all get along famously :)

I still feel like you could use some {{{HUGS}}}} so here we go


:P You'll blog when you're ready, I understand totally :) and we'll keep checking in to see when you do :)

jenny said...

Gringa-- Oh my Mom is cool! She's the kind of mom I could be totally honest with and instead of getting mad, she'd ask me about it and make sure I knew what I was getting myself into and help me explore my options. Hubby loves her, and she isn't one of those crazy mother in laws that hover and tell us what to do and say we're doing it wrong and do it like this etc etc...

It'll be good to have her here! :o)

You just wait, when Daisy comes along, you'll turn into one of those mommas that manage to do everything and people will ask you how you do it!

Thanks for the hugs sweets, I'll still be here! :o)