Monday, August 31, 2009

If He Only Had Hair...

My husband is bald. He started losing his hair back in his twenties and by the time we met, it was thinning on top, but he still had hair up there. Then about 8 or 9 years ago, he decided to shave it all off and on a near daily basis, he shaves it to keep it shiny and smooth. With his gold hoop earring, he could almost pass for Mr. Clean!

On days that the Husband does not have to work, he doesn't shave, and then you can see a shadow where his hair starts to grow and I can easily see his hairline. Tonight, in a silly mood, he asked the girls if they wanted him to grow his hair long and then he'd comb it up and over his bald spot. The girls all nodded yes, because, really- they don't know what a comb-over is! How do you explain a comb-over to the girls?

I grabbed a washable marker and started coloring in his hair and then pretending his hair was long enough, drew in a comb-over!

side view

other side


Husband laughed so hard, tears came to his eyes!
Then of course, the girls wanted in on the fun...





Anke said...

Very funny... and your little ones are adorable.

Lady Fi said...

That's so funny - and cute too!

Carol said...

Oh that made me laugh!!! I love his drawn on comb over and your wee ones look sooooo cute with their moustaches!!

*goes away chortling*

C x

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

When I first saw the pic I only glanced and thought "Does he have raw bacon on his head?"

Way to teach your girls a sense of humor, you crack me up !!!

Lisa C. said...

Very funny.

Bluemeya said...

Just toooo funny! Cant wait to see you all soon! xo

jenny said...

Hey All-- Thanks for stopping by! We had a good laugh over the comb-over!! :o) xoxo

Teeeeeena said...

Giggling.. a fun evening you all had. Such blue eyes from all of the girls. I'm the only one with blue eyes here so your girls' eyes flashes out to me. heh!