Friday, May 1, 2009

Would You Believe?

It's 4 minutes before 9pm and all four of my kids are in bed. Sleeping. All of them.

What do I do now??


Karen Mayes said...

Vegetate before the computer.


Barbara said...

Ooh you lucky thing to have children all asleep. Hope you had some good 'me' time! Love your new header pic of chickens by the way.

LaRonda said...

Oh I laughed and laughed....

~ L

Keri said...

blog, take a bath,read a book, cuddle up with the hubby, watch a movie or tv show on (with captions!), or go to bed, too! ;)

Ron said...

I dunno... Mel and I have no idea what to do with ourselves when we get some unexpected time. :)

Sorry to hear about the nail in the foot! Those pallets can be pretty rough.

Your chickens, cats, and dog look like a lot of fun. :)


jenny said...

Karen-- :o) I did a little of that!

Barbara-- It was nice to be able to hear myself think! I like the chicken picture, too! :o) Thanks!

LaRonda-- :o)

Keri-- I ended up working on the computer a little, cleaned the kitchen, and then read a book. It was nice! :o)

Ron-- Yeah, I didn't know what to do with myself-- I always say I'm gonna go do this or that when I have the time, but then I didn't feel like doing it! Go figure. Taking apart those pallets are harder than I thought it would be. Makes for slow progress...

Kids, chickens, cats and dogs are fun, but it sure keeps us busy, too! :o) Gotta love 'em!