Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow and Ice

It started on Monday-- a light dusting of snow falling gently to the ground. Squeals of delight from children who have barely rubbed the sleep from their eyes-- "Snow! It's snowing!"

Tuesday was perfect-- several inches of light fluffy snow on the ground, which made for perfect sledding conditions. But can I just ask? Why does it take an hour to get 3 little girls dressed in their warm clothes, snow pants, boots, hats, mittens, and coats before I can finally send them out to their angel-making, sledding, snow-eating fun, only to have them come back in 15 minutes later shouting for hot chocolate? Seems to me the ratio of how long it takes to get dressed and how long they play outside is seriously lopsided!
Overnight, our area got hit with icy rain and we woke to a coating of ice over everything. Pretty to look at, but poor Hubby had to drive in it to go to work this morning. Don't malls ever close for bad weather? Why must people risk their fool heads and drive in bad weather to go to the mall? Do me a favor crazy mall shoppers, and stay at home when there is ice on the road, so my husband doesn't have to risk his life for you so you can shop for the latest music CD or just troll the mall, window shopping.
When the husband is away, I have to take over the wood stove duties, which meant this morning, I had to start the fire and then keep it going for the rest of the day until he gets home to take over. I had to go outside to the wood pile and get more logs and after bringing it in the house, we stack it loosely by the stove to let them dry from the snow and ice. While stacking, I dropped a log on my foot. My bare, naked foot. Oh my freakin' heck! That hurt! Instant purple! I burned the offending log, like pronto! Then I limped up the stairs and iced it. I'm alright now. Nothing broken. Just an owie.
When the husband got home he kissed my foot and made it better. Then we had hot dogs and tator tots for dinner so I wouldn't have to stand on my poor foot and slave over a hot stove. I love my husband! I forgot to put my ring on and he proposed to me again! I said yes. :o)


barefoot gardener said...

It definitely DOES take entirely too long to bundle up kidlets compared to the amount of time they actually stay out there! I would almost prefer to have stir-crazy kids....

All I can say about the foot is OW! I broke a toe doing something similar (way back in the day) and I still cringe when I remember the pain.

Sparx said...

Seriously - freezing rain and everything is still open? We had a foot of snow in London on Monday and the entire city shut completely down - no buses, no tubes, no schools or shops... madness!

Glad your foot is OK, I'm constantly dropping things on my feet and toes and it's SO painful!