Monday, December 22, 2008

Ollie Meets the Ladies

This place is rockin' Lips! Where'd you hear about this place?
Oh, a friend of a friend told me. She said it was monster friendly and they make a mean monster mash, too!
They sure do! These drinks are yummilicious! Too bad we couldn't get dates tonight.
Oh Flower, who needs dates?! I'm having fun with you girl!

Huwwo baybees!! Mind if I join you ladies?

The name is Ollie, what's yours?
I'm Lips and she's Flower. What's your sign?

(too many monster mashes later...)

9 days later (monsters reproduce fast!)...

Ollie, it's yours! Can't you see the resemblance?


This monster making stuff is fun! :o) All the kids in the family are getting one for Christmas!


DJ Kirkby said...

You are such a great mummy! Those monster dollies are hilarious.

SabrinaT said...

Those are GREAT! Do you make and sell them?

Amandeep said...

Hi Jenny! Merry Christmas to you and yours... May His blessings be with you all this Christmas, and always!

jenny said...

Dj-- I had such fun making them!

Sabrina-- You think anybody would buy them? I'd be happy to make more if I thought people would want them.

Amandeep-- Thank you! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas as well and a Very Happy New Year to you and your family! xo