Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yard Sale Treasures 3

When I checked the local papers for yard sale listings, there were no fewer than 20 listed, for sales starting Friday and lasting through Monday. What a great weekend it has been for yard sale bargain hunters like my husband and I! We found all kinds of loot and these pictures only represent about half of what we found... I scored a great collection of vintage sewing supplies: wooden spools with thread, a ton of vintage buttons, old pinking shears and bobbins. I did a preliminary once over and tossed the broken bits and at least a dozen rusty razor blades, but for the most part, it's all good! I also found a cool wire bike rack that I will re-purpose into a holder of something.. maybe papers or something in the new classroom. I also found this linen dishtowel with fruit on it.
At another yard sale, I spotted this perfect oak office chair that matches the oak office chair I am sitting in now, except ours swivels and rolls. I had been looking for a mate for my chair to put near the desk so Hubby and I can both see the computer at the same time, and also to put the girls in separate chairs while playing games and no more pushing and shoving in one chair. The lady that sold this to me, had the kind of sale where there were no prices on anything. I'm not a big fan of having to ask "How much for this? And this? What about this?" Or even putting everything into a pile and getting one grand total, because I would be choosier if I knew the prices for things. Plus, she was sharing her yard sale with someone else and when I asked for a price on something, she'd say, "Oh that's not mine. Ask her." Agh! But we got the chair along with a set of orange Pyrex dishes and other bowls, and a framed cross-stitched picture.
This poor quilt was found in the bottom of a pile of blankets with a sign that said '$1 each, this pile'. It is ratty in some places, stained in others, but about 80% of it is still in good condition. I can cut it up and turn it into throw pillows, or make small mini quilts for the girls to use with their dolls. When I went to pay for it, she told me she was going to throw it away! I told her my plans and she looked like she wanted to take it back from me!
I also scored these great old rag rugs for only $1 for both. A little tattered, but still thick and lots of wear left in them. I'll mend the holes and use them in the kitchen but they will probably end up on the laundry room floor. While cooking dinner tonight, the girls were dragging a chair over to help me cook and they tossed the rugs across the room because they got caught in the legs of the chair. I can see the girls don't approve of them in the kitchen!
I stopped at one house and turns out it was a home run pre-school that was selling all their old supplies and books. She stopped the pre-school years ago and finally got around to selling off the stuff she had and wants to turn the space into a proper basement. I scored with a bunch of educational and activity books, puzzles, and some stencils. We got to talking and I told her that I was going to home school my girls. She said that if I gave her my info, she would call me and give me the rest of the books if she decided to give them away after the sale. She knew the people that owned our house before we bought it and invited me to come back again after the sale to visit. That's one of the nice side effects of yard sale-ing: meeting new people and making new friends.

We also found a nice wood deck chair that is missing it's cushions (sewing machine time!), a set of Christmas glasses with each glass having one of the "12 Days of Christmas" themes on it (10 out of 12 glasses), a great big pink doll house that I will clean up then sell for more at the consignment shop I will be working at in a couple of weeks, a very hip 50's magazine rack that totally fits the style of our house, and a lovely wooden side table that just needs a little loving. There is lots more, but if I kept going, this post would be too long and I'm afraid I would lose you to boredom!

Hubby's parents are coming over tomorrow morning, so off I go to sweep the dust under the rugs! Hope you had as much fun as I did over the weekend!!


DJ Kirkby said...

That quilt!!! I want!!! Made bread and butter pickles using your sweet pickle recipe, yum, yum, yum...

lady macleod said...

You know Jenny there are all sorts of groups for addicts:-) I'm thinking you have to either open your own shop or Jenny's EBay.

I am pleased you had so much fun!

jenny said...

Dj-- I rarely find a quilt I can afford so I'll take any ratty old quilt I can find!! Yay! You made some relish with my recipe!1 I am pleased I helped someone to culinary delights! :o)

Lady M-- :o) Who says I want to be cured?? I do sell stuff on ebay, though. I have to weed out some things or my house would be filled to the rafters! I'm pleased you're pleased! hee hee

Leigh-Ann said...

WOW!! Sweet haul!!
love all those notions!
:) LA

DJ Kirkby said...

I made your blackberry jelly too. Am going to make grape jelly this weekend.

jenny said...

LA-- I just looo-ve buttons! I have my fingers crossed for your button drawing!! :o)

DJ-- Wow!! You are keeping busy!! I found some grapes growing on our property yesterday and there are so many bunches!! Still wayyyyy tart, but have turned purple. WIll look up and see what kind of grapes they are and what I can do with them. Too good to let them go to waste!

D-HOR said...

Oh my GOSH what a score at the used to be a preschooler ladys house! That's a neat co-ink-ee-dink.