Saturday, March 26, 2011

Walk-ins Welcome??

So very frustrating. I am trying to get new glasses. The ones I got last year were off in the prescription and ended up giving me headaches and blurred my vision even more. I ended up going back to my crooked old, old ones. The ones I wore when pregnant with Evelyn, like 8 years ago! It was too late to return the new glasses by the time I realized that no, it wasn't me but the glasses. And funny thing, the frame that I just loved, I have come to realize that they don't look good on me after all. Or maybe it's because I hate them because they caused me such problems.

Anyway, living where we do, there aren't very many places for getting glasses. I've already decided not to go back to where I went last year, so that's one out. Another needs membership, which I do not have, so that's two out. Leaves me with 3 choices. When checking their websites, they all say, "Walk-ins Welcome". So I did just that: walked in. Guess what? I wasn't welcome.

Grrrr... I guess with such a few choices, all the places are busy, not like in the city with plenty of alternatives to go to. But still... I managed to slip away, leaving the kids at home with Daddy, hoping to get new glasses, and come home with the same old crooked ones.

I'm particular about the lenses. I like glass. They don't scratch like the plastic ones, even the scratch-resistant plastic ones. I know you're supposed to use those special lens cloths, but sometimes, when I'm wrangling a kicking and screaming 2-year old, trying to change a poopy diaper and I get a smear of god-knows-what on my glasses, I can't exactly drop everything and use the fancy-schmancy lens cloth. I just grab the bottom of my shirt and clean. These old ones I'm using, more than 8 years old, and not a single scratch on them. I have several pairs with plastic lenses and they look like a road map with all the scratches in them.

Did you know that there is only one lab in the whole area that makes glass lenses for glasses?? They can do plastic lenses on the spot, in-store, in under an hour, but glass lenses have to be sent away and takes 10 days or more. So frustrating. Am I really part of such a small group of people that prefer glass lenses that in-store labs have done away with the equipment needed to cut glass lenses? Really?

I have an appointment now, for Wednesday, since walk-ins are apparently not welcome anymore.


Ron said...

Another one I can't stand is "satisfaction guaranteed." I've found that phrase to usually be worth less than the paper it's printed on. :)

I didn't know there were different lens materials, interesting.


Anonymous said...

Glass lenses tend to be much heavier than plastic, which is one of the main reasons they're not used much anymore. Plastic lenses can also be made much thinner than glass, which gives the wearer more frame choices. You must not have a very strong prescription.

Anonymous said...

Glass lenses are much heavier than plastic lenses, which is one reason why most people prefer plastic. Also, there is more flexibility in the types of lenses that can be made using plastic. Finally, plastic lenses can be made much thinner than glass lenses. If you are happy with glass lenses, you must not have a very strong or complicated prescription.

jenny said...

Arghh! I left nice replies and blogger ate it! Here I go again:

Ron-- That's a term I dislike as well. My previous glasses were "satisfaction guaranteed", but only up to the first month. How clever they sent me away when I first complained and when I came back, it was too late. sigh..

Anonymous-- Yes, my prescription is not a strong one, so I don't have those thick "coke bottle" glasses. Maybe when the kids are gone and my glasses will stay cleaner longer, I'll go back to plastic, but until then, I'll stick with the glass lenses.