Thursday, March 31, 2011


A major, major milestone for Miss Sylvia-- her First Tooth!

Such a practical kid. When I asked her to open her mouth, she opens it. No struggle, no clamping shut of the mouth, just: "ahh!"

So easy, this one!

As soon as she was done gargling with the salt water, she put her tooth under her pillow and didn't even listen to Daddy phone the Tooth Fairy. I told him he was wasting his breath.


On the other side of the spectrum:

Miss Gretchen was upset after I pulled out Sylvia's tooth. I thought maybe she didn't like the sight of the blood-- I pulled it in the dining room, just to see if it was ready and it came out easily. Gretchen holed up in her room and when I checked on her, she was crying, but didn't want to talk. I finally got it out of her. Wanna know why she was upset? In between sobs, she asked, "How come it was easier for Sylvia?"


I'll tell you why it was easier! With Gretchen, everything comes with a little bit of drama. A loose tooth? As soon as my hand comes even close to her mouth, she clamps it shut and whimpers and whines and cries that it's going to hurt. After much pleading and bargaining and cajoling, I might get my hand on her tooth only to have her pull my hand away. Going out? She'll complain she has nothing to wear and takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to pick something out. New clothing? If it isn't the right color or even a little bit too big, she won't take it. Meal times? The pickiest eater ever! Chores? Let's not go there.


Hopefully, when Gretchen saw how quick it was for me to pluck Sylvia's tooth today, the next time she has a loose tooth, she will just open wide and let me get my hands on it, without clamping shut her mouth or whining or pulling my hand away at the last minute. I'll remind her how easy it was for Sylvia and it could be easy for her, too.

Wish me luck! :o)



Cheyenne said...

OK, Mom, now envision both those girls as teenagers. One sounds like she is not going to make life easy for you.

Kids...ya gotta love 'em!

barefoot gardener said...

Good luck with that! I have one Drama Queen and one who is totally Mellow-Yellow. I can't imagine anything being enough to settle the Drama Queeen... *sigh* It would be nice, though!

OH, and the word verification today? "biting" Thought that was kinda appropriate!

jenny said...

Cheyenne-- ugh! I don't want to think about them as teens!! I'm just gonna take it one day at a time! :o)

Barefoot-- Yeah, everything is a struggle with Gretchen. She makes a big deal out of most things. She's the one I need to prepare ahead of time for any changes or if we're going somewhere. It's like that one friend we have that's always late, and you tell them the time an hour earlier than it really is? Similar with Gretchen.

Biting? Yeah-- definitely fits!