Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Battle for Spring Begins

We had some lovely days, which can easily lull one into thinking winter is over.
We spent hours outdoors, playing and working.
Quite enjoying the break from the cold.
We knew better, we knew winter wasn't done with us yet.
It began as rain then turned into snow.
We woke up to a lovely winter wonderland.

Three inches of snow covered everything.
So, so pretty to look at.

Even the fences were made beautiful.
Then as quickly as it came, it went just as fast.
Within a few hours after taking these photos, most of the snow has melted.
The mud has returned.
Meanwhile, back at the coop...

Mama Buff is still sitting on her eggs/chicks. I checked and she now has 3 chicks.

I suspect there's 4-- I counted only 5 eggs, but I think #4 is hiding.
I like this picture, taken yesterday, with papa Roo peeking in up there in the corner.
Taken this morning, chick #3 and #4(?) are still hiding.
No more progress made on the add-on for mama hen and her babies.
I've been hampered first by the rain, and then the snow.
Mama is still quite comfortable in the cage I have her in and I can see that both her and the chicks are eating and drinking. Hopefully, I can finish the add-on this week, but I won't be able to let the chicks roam free until it sufficiently warms up first. They'll be fine in the cage for another week or so.
Thank goodness Spring is on her way in!


Anonymous said...

With Ostara just around the corner on March 21st (first day of Spring), the hatching of these little chicks seems just appropriate. Ostara is named for the goddess Eostre (from which we get the word Easter) - the goddess of fertility and new life. Her symbol is the egg.

Blessings to the little chicks, and may they bring new beginnings to you and yours.

jenny said...

Ocean-- Well now I know why we have eggs on Easter!! Thanks for the information! I love learning new things. :o)

I should have taken her eggs and made her wait a little longer, so hatching eggs wouldn't be happening in cold weather, but I was afraid she wouldn't want to sit on them later, so I let nature take its' course. She has been a good mama so far, her chicks are almost always beneath her when I check on them.

Everyone should get the chance in life to hold a baby chick, they DO represent new beginnings! :o)Blessings to you and yours!

Kevin said...

Well, it looks like spring has come at your house! Ready or not! :-) Pretty cool I think.
My hens are still laying to beat the band and we are hoping it gets warmer here in Michigan.