Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Show and Tell

Look what I made:

My sister sent me a link to this website after I posted about Evelyn's embroidery. There's some lovely stuff on there and it inspired me to make this. I like to draw flowers and I have a drawing book full of them... so I thought I'd take some of those flowers and try this. I've never done free-hand stitching like this before, so I think it's pretty good for my first time. I know it's not perfect, but I like it and that's what counts. I used DMC thread on muslin fabric.

The younger girls are quite envious of Evelyn's framed girl/cat and boy/dog pictures above her bed and have been asking for something to hang above their beds. I think I'll make another one with different flowers and hang them above Gretchen and Sylvia's beds. It's going to be a surprise for them and I'm pretty sure they'll like it. They have been constantly checking my work as I go and offering me plenty of "oohs" and "ahhs".

I have enjoyed doing this and I find bits of time to do it while I am waiting for the water to boil, or the computer to boot up, or while giving Peter a bath. I am already looking forward to starting the next one and I have ideas bubbling to the surface for another picture. I may have created an embroidery monster in me!


Teeeeeena said...

Yay! Sis! Pah! You could do quotes in embroidery too. The one you find most inspiring... I have several I wanted to do but haven't yet get around to do them. I am frustrated. Grr. Heh.

Keep it up and pass on the joy to your girls and maybe even Mom. She did talk of doing it when she retires. She's retired now so is she doing any needleworks???


Sandrine said...

Hi Jenny,

It's beautiful.The ones Evelyn made are really nice too, I meant to tell you.I like the website,there are a lot of ideas. I was thinking of doing embroidery on plain tee shirts for my girls a while back but didn't get a chance yet.My grandma used to embroider a lot and I still have a pillowcase she made with my initials and flowers.
Take care.


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Awwww that's so pretty Jenny. :) My Ma embroidered some pillow cases for me when I was a little girl and I still have them to this day, it's such a neat my-ma-made this-for-me thing, and they last like forever :)

Carol said...

I bought a sunflower tablecloth kit about two years ago with the idea that I would teach myself embroidery...it's still in the bag!! Perhaps once Uni is finished....or maybe I could make it my summer project!!

I love your flowers...your a talented lady!!

C x

lady macleod said...

Lovely. Well done indeed! I began doing needlepoint when I was in my early 20's and I credit it with keeping me out of the psychiatrist's office and bolstering my meditation afterglow.

But (I'm laughing here) I CAN'T do embroidery. I have tried, but I constantly nick my fingers and bleed on the material - not good. I will stick to my dull needles.

I have over the years given pieces to my family and friends. My daughter's grandmother calls her home, my needlepoint museum. I would give you one caution - never give a piece to someone who has no knowledge or appreciation of the work involved. I did that only once.

I am so impressed that this is your first effort! You are truly so creative.

Ellen said...

Hi Jenny aka Mountain Momma,

I came across your blog while reading DeafRead.com, it was connected with the other deaf mom who lives in IL can't remember her first name yet her last name yes Putz!! :) Started reading your blog two months ago, was pulled into it!!! :) Then the holidays came..then the SNOW!!! Arghhhh!! I hope your hubby didn't get stuck in the snow drifts!! Was a bit stunned at the fella who demanded your hubby to pay him for pulling ur hubby's truck outta the ditch or whatever that was!!! Sheez!!!! Am glad your hubby did arrived home safe and sound !!!

Your first embroidery is "awesome" for a first timer!!! Needlework for me is outta the question hahah, yet on my mom's side of the family , my aunts and cousins are very skilled!! I do admire anyone who is good with embroidery or any type of needleworks!! :)

Anyway... I'd love to purchase one of your soo delicious looking jams soon when I can get into the dang website to purchase one!! Had trouble getting into it, dunno why!!

Your children are beautiful, and your hubby is a handsome fella!! My partner is hearing, she took ASL classes from a deaf woman after meeting me. I can talk and so forth smiles!! I graduated from Gally in 91, was a former NTID/RIT student from 81 to 83, played around and finally got my arse together to focus on school at Gally in 86. :)

Anyway... I do get emails about deaf animals.. and there is one deaf cat that is needing a home.. it is in VA. She is a beautiful white cat a year and half old with sky blue eyes. She gets along with other cats and dogs as long as they accept her. Do you think your family would be interested in having a deaf cat? We would love to take her yet we are currently fostering a deaf cat along with the two cats my partner and I have smiles!! We got him a week ago and amazingly our cats have accepted him..regardless of his growls and hisses!!! :)

I work at the Library of Congress in DC, so feel free to drop a line when your schedule allows smiles!!

My name is Ellen M. Kays and my email address is redemk12@yahoo.com

Take care and cheers!!


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Wow Jenny, no wonder Evelyn is so good with a needle! Your embroidery reminds me of spring garden!

Anonymous said...

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Karen Mayes said...

Is everything OK? You have been quiet...