Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just Socks

They're just socks... but they are socks that have been with me ever since Evelyn was a baby. These socks have been in my laundry baskets for the past 7 1/2 years, passing on to Gretchen, Sylvia and now Peter. They are a constant among clothing that has come and gone. They keep my babies' toes warm.

After 7 1/2 years, they are finally showing some wear. Normally I don't repair socks, they get tossed into the rag pile, but I cannot let these socks pass on so easily. Letting them go means my babies have gone and grown up. Even after they are grown, I suspect I'll keep these socks in my own sock drawer, to remember when they once had little feet that I kissed and tickled and played "This little piggy..." on their toes.

I don't put shoes on my babies, so these socks are all I have to remember their little baby feet. Peter has just about outgrown them, maybe another couple of months or so if he keeps growing as fast as he is. Just in time for warmer, bare feet weather around here. He went from under average to over average and grew 6 inches in the last 6 months!
They're just socks, but they hold more than just feet.


Carol said...

My Mum still has things which belonged to me when I was little that she can't bare to part with. She also has a book (which I love looking at) that has the best things I did from when I was in nursery and primary school year to year. Some of my drawings from the time are hillarious!!

C x

Carol said...

PS. There is an award over at mine for you :-)

C x

Teeeeeena said...

You could make sock monkey out of those socks. They'd be tiny sock monkey. How about it? That way they'd be on the shelf where you can see it and not hidden away in your socks drawer forgotten during the summer until it's cold to wear your socks again.

This site has pattern to make sock monkey! So check it out??


love u much much

lady macleod said...

OH sigh. I am wiping away a 'mom tear'. My baby is 25-years old and I still have so many of her baby things and would not think of letting them go!

jenny said...

Carol-- I have a few things from my childhood, but not much. I'm not big on saving a whole lot of stuff, but I saved some of their cutest outfits and I'd like to do something with the fabric-- quilt? rug? something! We moved a lot, so things got misplaced or discarded to travel lighter... Then again, I'm sure we'll find things once mom unpacks all her boxes. Who knows!

Teena-- Hey! That's a cute idea!! I have 5 pairs of those little socks so I could make a pair of monkeys maybe?? Hmm... checking site now. Love you lots! xoxo

Lady M-- Awww! Here's a tissue! :o) You'll be able to pass some of her things to your grandchildren, perhaps? I love having a few items that belonged to my parents or my grandparents and knowing I could pass it on to my children some day. :o)