Wednesday, February 3, 2010


...From Alcacrib!! (suspenseful music playing in background)

Seriously, the boy is skilled! Since he has figured out how to climb out of the crib, there is not a moment's rest for me anymore. He refuses to stay down for a nap and one day, I waited just outside his door and put him back into his crib 17 times before he gave up and went to sleep. But those nice, peaceful 4-hour naps? Ha! Those are long gone. I'm lucky if he naps for 20 minutes.

Here he is in action:

The coast is clear... Mama's gone!

Hooking one leg over...


Almost there...

Little bit further...

That, my friends, is how you do it!


You can't stay mad at this cute face, can ya?!
I love this kid! I also mourn the loss of those 4-hour naps, sigh. Yesterday, he barely napped for 15 minutes and by late afternoon, it showed. I tried to get him down for another nap, but it was no use, he just wouldn't stay in the crib. With Andrew home today, maybe I'll have a chance to do a few things while he distracts Peter for me, or else I'll be mourning the loss my my sanity, too!


Aaron and Misty said...

Can you lower the mattress any?
My father drilled another set of holes so we could lower the springs/mattress another couple inches. That was just enough to keep my son in his crib for several months longer (five or six, I think)!
It was a life saver since my son was soooo young when he learned to climb out! (Also its cheaper than buying a "crib tent"- they are expensive!)

Carol said...

I had the mission impossible theme tune running through my head as I looked at your photos!! No, I couldn't stay mad at that cheeky wee face for a second!!

C x

lady macleod said...

Great photo-log of the escape! What a charmer. You are in SO much trouble, he he.

Karen Mayes said...

Why don't you create photobooks and sell them? I am sure the children and parents would enjoy viewing the photobooks and have a chuckle or two.

I really enjoyed viewing the photos of your son's practicing his skills... he really looks he enjoys it.

jenny said...

Aaron and Misty-- good idea, but it won't work with our crib. It's a vintage one, and the gate release is part of the mattress framing, so if I lowered that, the gate will lower with it. Peter is 18 months old now, about the same age when Evelyn learned how to escape the crib, it's just that he is so much more rambunctious than the others were at that age! Whew! He had no nap today, but pretty easy to put to bed tonight, so... I guess I can't complain.

Carol-- LOL! Mission immpossible theme works! I had a whole orchestra playing dramatic music in my head, but I think mission impossible sounds better now! LOL

Lady M- You're telling me? What am I gonna do when he gets older?? eep!

Karen-- That's a fun idea... I'll have to think on that one awhile and see where it takes me. :o)

The husband and I just laugh at the photos of Peter climbing out.. they crack us up!