Thursday, February 4, 2010

Play With Your Food!

Would you like some eggs and toast?
How about a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich with a nice crunchy carrot?

Maybe a nice cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato on a sesame seed bun?

A breakdown of the cheeseburger:
This is everything I've made so far. It's fun!
I have a few more food items I'd like to make: pancakes, bacon strips, pizza, to name a few.
I went surfing on the web and it's over-whelming all the ideas out there! Also a little intimidating when you see some really exquisite felt foods! I saw a fancy pasta dish with shrimp and tomatoes and if I didn't know it was felt, I would have thought it was real!

Everything was made without a pattern, just cutting out shapes and sewing them together, adding a little detail by sewing lines on the lettuce and tomato, zig-zag lines on the burger for grill marks, and I used embroidery thread for the sesame seeds on the top of the bun. I'll post more later as I make them.


Carol said...

I am in awe!! Those are amazing!!
(Can't decide whether the tomato or the eggs are my favourite ones!)

C x

Anke said...

Your felt food is awesome! Makes me wish my girls were still little and I would have a reason to make some for them. Sadly our play kitchen days are over...

Karen Mayes said...

Echoing the commenters... I am in awe by your talent!


I am homeschooling my 9-year-old daughter, BUT I lack a creative mind and I follow the directions....

lady macleod said...

Brilliant! If only my future grandchildren had arrived I could try that on my own; but I shall file away the idea. JUst bloody brilliant.

jenny said...

Carol-- Thanks! My personal favorite is the tomato! I like the carrot, too.

Anke-- Thank you! You could still make some for gifts?? I enjoyed making them, though I may have been more relaxed about it if I didn't have 3 little girls breathing down my neck! :o)

Karen-- Thanks a lot! They were really easy to make, I bet you could make some with your daughter. Good way to practice sewing if you wanted her to learn how (if she doesn't sew already). I'm the opposite, I don't follow directions very well-- I tend to wander and do my own thing! :o)

Lady M-- Thank you!! You should look up felt foods on the internet-- good grief! The stuff out there is SO... WOW! there's a felt foods flicker group that is just amazing to look through.

Mama Skates said...

those are AWESOME!!!

Ellen said...

Gosh, I second everyone's comments above!! How long did it take for you to sew each veggie while having the little girly breaths hovering down your neck? :)