Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life in Sentences.

I let the housecleaning slide a little bit, we've been way too busy and I have to pick what's more important:: cranky me cleaning a house or having a little fun with the kids with a crumb-y floor? I chose the crumb-y floor, but then I also chose the cluttered counter tops, dirty dishes in the sink, messy bedrooms and dirty laundry in the hallway.

Why is it when my house is messy, that's when I have strangers come by-- the phone company guy to replace the modem on our computer and carpet people come and install new carpeting in the apartment. I was embarrassed about the mess, and apologized, then kicked a toy under the hutch and picked up a few torn scraps of paper off the floor. I know there's nothing I can do while the guy is standing in the office, waiting for the computer screen to warm-up and all he can see is the mess in the house. sigh... Let that be a lesson to me:: it's OK to let the housework slide, but not too much!

Here's a quick update::

The garden is growing,
the kids are thriving,
the chickens are establishing their pecking order,
the dog is chewing up barbie dolls,
the husband is still working his part-time job,
the baby is soon a year old,
Archie the cat has a tick on his eyelid,
the cars need inspection,
the van needs new tires,
the garage needs a new garage door opener,
Lucy the cat catches and kills voles,
then leaves them near the food bowls,
the pears on the pear tree are the size of walnuts,
the chicken coop still needs finishing touches,
BC the cat still doesn't like the dog,
the mulberries are ripe and ready for picking,
my canning jars are washed and ready,
I'm itchy with bug bites,
we need to have a major yard sale,
I just picked up a sweet sewing basket at someone else's yard sale,
I have more pee-pee sheets to wash,
Baby's rash is better,
Youngest is getting a heat rash,
Oldest just had a growth spurt,
Middle wants a hair cut,
Husband is smelling mighty fine,
my heart goes pitty-pat when I see him,
I finally loaded the photo program,
the printer and the computer are not speaking to each other,
I have 37 missed calls on my videophone,
Husband found 'Papillon' at the used dvd store,
Baby is walking,
no talking yet,
something is munching on my peas,
I forgot the blanket drying on the line outside,
it's after midnight and I am ready for bed,
Good Night.


LS said...


All is well on your end. I wonder about you for a while.

Looking forward to your summer food activities.

jenny said...

LS-- Yes, all is well here. Thanks for your thoughts of us. Summer foods? We just picked cherries today!! yum yum! :o)

Teeeeeena said...

Ahh Life is normal! Arghh.. LOLOLOL
I miss you soo much.. Yay VP working but you dont seem to see me, grrrr! lot of hugs xo

jenny said...

Teeeeena-- yeah, still not perfect yet, but getting there. I'll keep trying. Miss you too!! love you xoxox

Wendy said...

Wow! Busy, busy! I can relate to the housework dilemma. No one ever comes over ... until I've decided that I'm just not really worried about what my house looks like. Then, it's always the in-laws, who say things like "That kind of floor is hard to keep clean, isn't it?" Their nice way of saying, "Hey, do you ever mop?" ;)

LaRonda said...

Jenny, you are hands-down, one of my favorite bloggers! I adore your domestic humor. I love your focus on chillins, hubby, hearth and home. Just warm, real, true.

I hope we can meet some day. I remain one of your fans!

~ LaRonda

Karen Mayes said...


Yeah, I hate that... when I let housekeeping slide, someone always shows up and I end up apologizing for the mess.. ugh!


Lantana said...

Add me to the fan club. I look forward to this blog and it is also my favorite. I feel like I am at your kitchen table having a cup of coffee! That is a great feeling. Thankyou for this!

jenny said...

Wendy-- Usually I can get the house clean in 15 minutes, as long as I get a heads-up that we have company coming over. But yeah, no one ever comes here either. We're homebodies and most of our old friends live more than 2 hours away, so we rarely have people here.

I have a friend whose house is messier than mine, and whenever I go over there, I always feel better about my own house!! lol!

Laronda-- You ever make it out this way, you are welcome to come over! I'll serve homemade bread and mulberry jam and some iced tea and we'll watch the chickens run! :o)

Karen-- yeah, and the people that came by have no idea what you've been doing and how busy you are, they just look at the mess and go 'tsk tsk!' Well, we can't all have homes like you see in the magazines!! :o)

Lantana-- Oh stop! You're making me blush! :o) You are always welcome here, too, if you ever make it out to the east coast.