Monday, June 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We went to our old haunts on Sunday. We went to the Husband's parent's house for lunch and didn't tell the kids where we were going so it was a fun surprise for them. Then in the afternoon, my closest friend was having a baby shower for baby #4. I tease her that she is trying to keep up with me! :o)

It was great seeing everyone, to talk and laugh, catch up on the news... but man! Once on the road, we sure couldn't wait to head back home to the mountains again! The traffic is something terrible and being away from rush hour and thousands of crazy drivers, you forget what it's like to drive on the beltway. I'm not saying people in the country drive any better, but there's less of them to contend with.

Doesn't look so bad in this shot, but there were lots of cars on the interstate. About halfway home, there was a bad accident going eastbound and traffic was backed up for miles. Made me glad we were headed west towards home.

We're in the last 20 minutes to home here. I love coming over this hill and seeing several mountain ranges. Kind of cloudy, it sprinkled on and off, but on a clear sunny day, you can see for miles! Oh and see what I mean? No cars!

Almost home! We're about 7 miles from home and this is one of my favorite views, especially when the pastures are dotted with hay bales. The sun is going down, the air is cool and you can feel the difference in temperature almost immediately. We're at least 10 degrees cooler than our old haunts.

When we first bought this house, the former owner told us that we would enjoy living here. She was so right. We have come to love it so much and we find ourselves visiting our old haunts less and less. The first year here, we went back just about every 2 weeks, then every month. Now we go maybe 4 times a year. So far in 2009, we've only been back twice-- for Easter and yesterday. I'll be back soon, though, when my friend has her baby. She's due July 19th. I'm hoping to be there to witness the birth, but that depends on how quickly she progresses and how fast I can get there. Wait for me!! :o)


Stephanie D. said...

You know, I grew up in Birmingham, lived for a short time in Dallas, and lived 20 years in Albuquerque--all cities with over 500,000 people in them.

Since we moved here almost 6 years ago, I can count on 2 hands the number of times we've been to Asheville--population about 60,000. It's a big deal for us to go there, even though it's only about 35 miles away. Some off days, I never even come down from our little mountain, and I love it that way.

jenny said...

Stephanie-- I love our mountain, too, and I have times where I don't leave for weeks. The husband commutes to work in the next "big" town over, only 30 minutes away, but if I need anything I head to the little town we live near. We used to live outside of DC before we moved, first to a small 1-acre house then here and I cannot ever move back. You cannot pay me enough to move back to the DC/Northern Va area. bleagh!

It's good when you can be happy about where you live and be content to stay where you are.