Sunday, June 21, 2009


When a local orchard put an ad in the paper stating their cherries were ready, I asked the husband to call and see when we could go! They were selling pick-your-own sour cherries for 60 cents a pound and sweet cherries for 70 cents a pound. Compare that to 4.99 a pound at the store and you know you're getting a sweet deal! We went on Friday, which was perfect picking weather-- cool and cloudy with a few sprinkles here and there. By the time we were done, it was just past lunch time and getting hot and humid.

sour cherries
Middle; appropriately dressed for cherry picking


Oldest, hard at work

I don't think we picked enough cherries... We recycled our ice cream buckets which held almost 5 pounds of cherries. We filled up 2 buckets each of sour cherries and sweet cherries.

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved maraschino cherries. I recently found a recipe to make my own and it's a fairly straightforward recipe. It takes a few days to make a batch and if this first batch of maraschino cherries is a success, I'll be making another trip to the orchard for more cherries! Think of all the goodies I can make with maraschino cherries:: ice cream, chocolate covered cherries, cherry quick breads.... yum!

I've made 2 batches of cherry jam, a first for me. I have a batch of maraschino cherries about ready to go in the canner and I'll be making more cherry pies.

I combined sweet cherries with rhubarb for a new twist on cherry pie and it was SO good! I'll be doing that again! Just use a regular cherry pie recipe and substitute 1 cup of cherries with rhubarb and add half a cup of sugar, then make as usual. yummy!

Here's the result of the cherry-rhubarb pie.

This one used the last of my canned cherries from last year. It has almond extract in it and used cornstarch instead of tapioca. Tasty and pretty to look at, but the cherry rhubarb was so much yummier!


Ocean said...

You're making me drool, girlfriend!

Cherry pie is one of my favs... and I gotta try that cherry-rhubarb idea for myself!

DJ Kirkby said...

We didn't get many cherries off our tree this year. Your pastry looks amazing. Please share your recipie, I have never had much luck with pastry. Oldest looks so much like you now.

Sue said...

Hi Jenny, I found your blog while surfing for the making of blackberry jam. I enjoyed reading your site. I am going to try making the jam sometime this week when our blackberries ripen up more. I enjoy jam making and cooking so I will enjoy following you. My blog is Our World at:
Stop by and say hello to Delaware:)

Edith L said...

Hi Babe, yes the pies and recipes sure do look good! I'm glad you put pixes of the grandkids as well. got your vp fixed yet? Love you all much.

The Blue Girl said...

oh darling,... bring me a pie when you head my way! Looks yummy!I've developed an addiction to pies during this pregnancy. Apple Pies weekly! I try to pick them up at the bakery whenever i venture out. Kids and I are getting into baking weekly. Yay for me... and bad for my waistline ! :)
Miss ya. I promise to start my blogging soon! I'll post pixs of fathers day for a start!

jenny said...

Ocean-- Gee.. looking at those pictures is making me droll, too! lol Do try the rhubarb-- it's really yummy. :o)

Dj-- Would you believe that after 4 years of living here, I only just now discovered we have a cherry tree?!? It's a little one, which may explain why I missed it, but it's also overshadowed by 2 bigger dogwoods. The dogwoods gotta go! We have plenty of dogwoods here, so losing 2 won't hurt, the cherry tree is more important to me. I'll post my recipe for pie crust soon! :o)

jenny said...

Hi Sue!! Welcome!! I hope my blackberry jam recipe helps!! Our blackberries still have a way to go before they're ripe, but the black raspberries are soon ready and the mulberries are in full force now. I like to mix the juices and add in a little strawberry and call it crazyberry-- so good!! We go through a pint of crazyberry jam a week! I'll stop by your blog, soon! :o)

Edith/Dad-- HIIII!!!!! What a surprise to see you here!! :oD Working on the VP still. The repair guy hasn't come yet, and I can't get the VP to work. Teena said she could see me, but I couldnt see her. argh! Soon soon I hope! Miss you both lots and lots! Love you xoxox

jenny said...

Mia-- Oh is that your pregnancy craving this time around? lol! I'll be happy to make a pie for you when we come up next week! :o) Can't wait to see you all!! xoxox