Wednesday, October 15, 2008

::30 Days:: Day 20

Here we go again: 2 more bushels of apples. Jonagolds in front, Galas in the back. The two combined make outstanding applesauce. The Galas are really sweet and also make yummy apple chips. No sugar necessary.

We went back to the same orchard and then took the back roads home to take in the breathtaking fall colors. Absolutely glorious up here this time of year.

Youngest was dressed appropiately in an apple shirt and shorts for our apple pick-up. We went for a walk in the woods when we got home.

Oldest and middle romping in the fallen leaves.

There comes a time when you have to trust your child with a sharp knife. Oldest desperately wanted to help chop apples for the apple crisp I was making. I decided she was ready and let her do it. I kept my eye on her and corrected her when needed. She chopped all 6 apples by herself! This is one proud mama!

Library day was a success this morning. I put in my order for the next book in the Twilight series and picked up 3 movies. I'll have something to watch while I peel and chop apples for more apple sauce, dried apples and apple chips.

I told myself that I wanted to have at least 20 quarts of applesauce and ended up with 23. Four quarts are already gone and if I want applesauce to eat in the Spring and Summer next year, I quickly realized I need to make more. The apple chips went fast and I have barely enough dried apples for another batch of cookies. I thought I'd better get more apples before the ones I like are gone.


DJ Kirkby said...

Way to go Oldest! Love the pictures, wish we could come and visit.

Karen Mayes said...

Very applish blog :o)

Lisa said...

Question. Are apple chips just a thinner drier version of dried apples?

Wish my husband would eat HM applesauce instead of that Mott's stuff! I ended up bottling apple chunks in juice instead of sauce. I hope they aren't too mushy for crisps and pies later!

jenny said...

Dj- If you ever make it down this way, we'd love to have you here! :o)

Karen-- lol :o)

Lisa-- Apple chips are sliced very thin, dipped in cinnamon and sugar then dried. They become crispy like chips and don't last long around here.

I'm amazed your hubby prefers the store brand instead of HM! Can you sneak it into his bowl?

I made and canned apple filling once, and it ended up all mushy. I think I used the wrong apples, and I have not made it again since. Making apple pie isn't hard, so I prefer to make it fresh anyway.