Saturday, October 11, 2008

::30 Days:: Day 16

What an interesting day it was...

My husband was supposed to have a day off from work, but then his new boss called and asked him to come in and cover for a co-worker that wouldn't make it in for the 4-9 shift. Hubby gladly accepted and then told me the change in plans. Shortly after that, the boss called back and asked him if he could come in even earlier to cover for a co-worker that wanted to leave early, so instead of 4-9, he'd work 1-9. An extra 8 hours! His job is only part time, so any extra hours is definetely appreciated! He quickly hopped into the shower while I made up a fast lunch and I put one of the kids' bibs on him so his lunch wouldn't mess up his nice clean shirt. He was a good sport!

We also had my mom up for a couple of days and I welcomed the extra pair of hands while she was here!

An extra pair of hands couldn't have stopped what happened later, though... Mom and I were going to take the kids to the food store and I was outside loading the kids in the van and getting ready to head back into the house for drinks when I saw the door was closed. *gasp!* I didn't have my keys! I asked who shut the door and Mom pointed at Oldest. Oh no! I ran to the door and sure enough, it was locked! Fiddlesticks! (ok so I didn't really say fiddlesticks, I said fuck! a lot.) I mentally took inventory of all the windows that were open and figured the easiest one would be in the living room. I grabbed the ladder from the laundry line and walked around the house and tried to pry the screen off with no success. There was a little hole in the screen so I just poked my finger through and ripped it carefully, intending to sew it up later. I pushed Oldest through and voila! We're in the house! On my way around the house, somewhere, I stepped in some cat poo, so that was another "fiddlesticks moment".

At last, we are on our way to the store. On the way back home, Youngest had diarrhea in her diaper (she isn't quite potty trained for long drives) and it leaked out and it got smeared all over the car seat. -sigh- Definetely not one of my better days and my potty mouth was in full force, too. I better get the soap and wash it out!

There aren't very many pictures, because frankly, who wants to look at poo on a shoe or poo in a car seat? Not me, that's who! :o)

Another reason there aren't very many pictures is because of this book: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I had been hearing good things about this series and I love me a good vampire book (anne rice, anyone?) so I asked the library to hold it for me the next time it came in. I just finished it and I'm ready to sink my teeth in the next book in the series! Library day on Wednesday can't get here fast enough!


DJ Kirkby said...

I would have said fuck a lot too! We are going to try and get N3S dry at night starting at the end of the month and even though he is almost 6 I am pretty sure it isn't going to work and so I will be spending a lot of nights thinking fuck a lot! That book cover is gorgeous. Your mom is so beautiful, you look a lot like her. Hub and my man look very similar, am going to email you a pic later so you can see. xo

Karen Mayes said...

*grin*... a thought crossed my mind, that you had a fecesious day ;o) Oh, I hate stepping on any cats' feces...

Lantana said...

You and your mom both have the same, sweet expression on your faces! I can imagine that you appreciated her help.

Have you ever considered joining Paperback Swap? I love it. You can put your name in for any book that you want, and if you are far from a postoffice, you can do it all right at your computer.

Sorry to hear about the kitty poo, but I do this almost ever day, but it is parrot poo instead, and it is GREEN!! I swear by "Woolite Oxy Deep if you find poo in the rugs or carpet. It is a miracle!!

Glad your hubby's boss has all that faith in him, it all sounds very promising.

Hugs, Lantana

jenny said...

Dj--It's a pain changing sheets in the middle of the night. The girls haven't wet the bed in a while and Youngest still uses diapers at night. As soon as she stops having accidents during the day, we will start weaning off the nightime diapers.

I love the cover of the book, too! It's striking! The next covers in the series are just as beautiful and can't wait to read them.

Karen-- Yes, it was a shitty day! lol!

Lantana-- Thank you. Some days when I look in the mirror, I see my dad and other days I see my mom. I have heard about paperback swap but have not joined. It hasn't been until recently that I have begun reading again. I'm the type of person that once I pick up a book, I don't stop until it's finished. I found that to be bad when I have children to take care of! I've retrained my reading habit and now I am able to put down the book and read little by little instead. So I will check out that paperback swap. I noticed you have the link on your blog.

Sparx said...

Wow, you look like your Mum! And I'd have said worse than that, I have to say... good for you for surviving the day...