Wednesday, October 15, 2008

::30 Days:: Day 19

More laundry...

We got pumpkins! Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread here we come! mmmmm!

Can't forget the little guy..

Playing peek-a-boo with the last of the tomatoes.

Oldest raked leaves and Youngest jumped in!

Covered wagon birdhouse on the pole barn... left behind by the previous owners.

This time of year brings the ladybug invasion.

While splitting wood with Hubby, I spotted this big wooly caterpillar. Look at the size of him! The bigger and woolier they are, the longer and colder the winter-- isn't that how the saying goes?

Taking a timeout from helping Hubby to nurse the baby. Gives me such a down-to-earth feeling when I nurse outside.

My view of the growing woodpile from where I lie. Love those orange berries against the red. Don't ask me what they are, I forget, but they'd be perfect for under windows-- they have inch long thorns and they hurt!


DJ Kirkby said...

What a lovely pictory. Did you grow those pumpkins yourself? We tried but had no luck so will have to go to the pumpkin farm and buy some.

Lisa said...

Great series of photos! I can't really see in the picture, but from your description, the berries might be pyrocantha. If it is, later in the fall, the birds will start eating the berries and get 'drunk' from the fermenting fruit! Funny to watch, painful to trim!!

Karen Mayes said...

Enjoyed viewing a series of photos of autumn at your homestead, seeing the landscape around you getting ready for the winter ;o)

mishkazena said...

In this modern time where most kids stay inside and play video games and Internet, your kids are given the wonderful opportunity to enjoy a laid back traditional lifestyle.

It's been a long while since I last saw a wooly caterpillar.

Great pictures

jenny said...

Dj-- I wish I could say we grew them ourselves, but not this year. I never got around to planting any squash plants this year. Can I blame my pregnancy for that? :o)

Lisa-- We cut that bush back severely 2 years ago, and it has grown back with a venagence! We will be cutting it back again soon, as it is interfering with my blackberry bushes! Haven't noticed the birds eating the berries, I'll take better watch this year and see.

Karen-- It is truly glorious here in the fall. We took a little drive today and then used back roads to get back home. Simply breathtaking!

Mishkazena-- I see them all over, even on the roads as we drive. I try not to run over any caterpillars but well, it can't be helped. This one is the fattest one I've seen, though.

We like being outdoors, and I would prefer the kids outside, anyway. It's how both Hubby and I grew up-- lots of outdoor fun.