Sunday, June 1, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend!

We worked our second batch of strawberry wine yesterday. The shot above is the first batch and it totals just a little over 2 gallons total. The bottles are 1/2 gallon size. The second batch was strained of strawberry pulp and the sugar was added and now it is another week of daily stirrings before we bottle that batch. This time around it smells much more potent and I wonder if it is because the temperature in the house is warmer than it was 3 weeks ago.

Instead of making the yard sale rounds, we held our own yard sale. All week, we had been going through the house, pulling out long lost items and stuff that we just didn't use anymore. We gathered together quite a bit of stuff and it was all worthy of having a sale. I've never liked following signs to a yard sale and when you get there, it was hardly worth going to-- only a table or two worth of stuff. Anyway, we had lots of stuff, and I hoped for a good turn out considering we didn't advertise in the local paper and only put out a sign at the end of the driveway.

We had a wood chipper, old clothing, tv tables, coffee tables, glasswares...

...doll house, old jewelry, books, craft kits, christmas decorations...

...a bookshelf headboard, 50s dinette table and chairs and old atari and nintendo games. A pretty good variety of stuff, if you ask me.

Friday, we did pretty good-- we got the sign up a little after 10 am and soon saw our first customer who promptly bought almost all the electronic stuff-- the video games and Hubby's old stereo. He came back later with his wife who then bought up a lot of kitchen stuff. It was not a steady flow, but we made over $60 and that was good for me! We got rained out Saturday morning and in the middle of packing every soggy item back into their boxes, we had another customer happily go through the boxes and buy just about all my old glasses that I weeded through. That was another $10 to the kitty.

We told the girls that we would use the yard sale money to buy a little pool and so today, we made a trip to town and bought a pool. I remember as a kid, being in the pool every day in the summers when we lived in the apartments and I'm sure my mother was grateful for the peace it gave her while I was there. While I cannot leave my kids in the pool on their own as they are still young, it will certainly end the "I'm bored" speeches for a while.

It was a productive weekend, getting rid of some things, working the wine, and gaining a pool. I hope you all had a good weekend, too!


DJ Kirkby said...

A pool to play in all summer? How fabulous! A great way for you to take the weight off your feet too. That wine looks so beautiful and I LOVE those bottles tha tyou put it in...I want some too!

Wendy said...

Wow! You did really well with your yardsale. Everytime I try to have a yardsale I realize that all of the "junk" I want to get rid of really is "junk" :). I've never made more than $20 for all day of sitting outside doing nothing ... maybe not such a bad way to spend the day, come to think of it ... :).

The wine looks fabulous! I'm still waiting for those strawberries to ripen ... any . day . now ... :).

jenny said...

Dj-- You ever make it out this way, you are welcome to pop over for a glass or two! :o)

Wendy-- The best we ever did for a yard sale was to rake in close to $300! That was our first yard sale ever! We were hooked after that and kind of became "experts" at what sold and what didn't. Living out here, though, where we are sort of off the beaten path, I'm happy with what we got. We donated a truck load of stuff today to the local charity shop and saving the rest for another sale.

I bet you all are just holding your breath for the strawberries arrival!

Patty Keen said...

A 50's dinette table! Wow, those go like hotcakes here..