Saturday, June 14, 2008

Photos of the Yard Sale Finds

Ok, so we didn't get lucky 2 days in a row. The local paper had a long list of sales, but for some reason we had a hard time finding any. The few that we did find, were kind of puny and one that looked promising turned out to be mostly junky stuff. Ah, well. That doesn't detract from all the goodies we found yesterday so I'm still happy.

Here's a few of those nice, fat, squat canning jars. Perfect for the jams I make. They're wide mouth, too, which makes it easier to use a knife to get to the jam.

Picked up a zippy bag full of sewing notions and I just love the graphics on the sewing needle sets.

I found the vintage Santa Claus today and got him for 25 cents. He's dated 1968 and still in pretty good shape. He'll be set up with our other vintage santas that we have, unless he happens to be a duplicate, in which case, I'll sell him on eBay. I think he is a bigger one than any I have, though, so he's probably a keeper.

Here are those gallon glass jugs we picked up for 50 cents apiece yesterday. The 3 on the left are all probably cider jugs and the green one looks like a wine one, to me. Their tops are kinda rusty, so I'll swap them out with cork and they'll be as good as new for the wine we made.

Here's a close up of one of the jugs-- really nice embossed apple leaves all around it. I have a similar one that is half the size of this, that someone turned into a lamp base. This is apple country here, so yard sales are always packed with apple themed knick-knacks and fabrics.

I just love these tin measuring cups and spoons. I have several sets that I actually use, some I leave in the flour and sugar jars, and the rest are in the drawers. I probably have too many and can stand to sell some off, but I just love, love, love these! I pick them up whenever I see them. Found the salt and pepper set today for 50 cents.


barefoot gardener said...

I love, love, LOVE that embossed bottle! Sooooo pretty. I normally talk myself out of getting things like that, because I am really good at breaking them and really bad at either finding a practical use or dusting them. But I reserve the right to drool a little...

So glad you got such a great haul!

Patty Keen said...

Ok, I am jealous. Where do you manage to find all those garage finds?! *woau!*

Did you know that you can do several T2Ts out of the jugs? T2Ts are trash to treasures and I love doing those.

I just can't believe you snatched up a ziploc bag of vintage sewing notions because I know a few ladies that would just fight like hens in heat over a young rooster for those. I kid you not.

If you could bear to, you could make a nice and tidy profit re-selling the vintage sewing notion in eBay.

Just can't wait to get my hands busy with DH so we can do canning, jelly making and preserves.

Lantana said...

Mama, you have a knack for making life interesting! I inherited my mother's sewing commode (which I now use for rubber stamps) and she had alot of vintage sewing items in there. I stuck them away somewhere, perhaps I can find them and send them to you. I love jars, too. All shapes and sizes. I particularly like green ones!

You are a very interesting lady!


jenny said...

Barefoot-- I used to think that about the old drinking glasses I collected, and then when I had so many, but couldn't bear to part with them but at the same time I wasn't using them. So finally I bit the bullet and started using them. It cheers my day to drink out of an old juice glass or an old sour cream glass and I think to myself-- wow! this has been around for over 50 years and I'm using it! Granted, a few have broken here and there, like the one I broke the other night and cut my hand on (that one was from the 40s), but I don't let myself feel bad about it. It was being used and not sitting collecting dust!

Patty-- I find sewing notions all over the place here. My sister got me hooked on them and I have some on display and some I keep in an old tin that I like to go through every now and then. I get them all for pretty cheap around here and scored several great old sewing baskets/boxes too!

Lantana-- Oh oh oh! Don't tease me like that! I would LOVE to have some of those sewing notions from your mother! Wouldn't any of your kids want it? Or your grandchildren? I always thought I was a little old-fashioned that way, liking older items instead of all the newer stuff thats out there. Can't beat the quality of the old stuff, that's for sure!