Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Last (hopefully!) Pregnancy Update!

Still here! Although I think this will be the last photo of myself as a pregnant woman...

me, at exactly 9 months pregnant with baby #4

I had an ob appointment on Thursday and I was dilated 3 cm that afternoon. The doctor didn't think I would make it through the weekend. She was as surprised as I was that I hadn't had the baby by then. My mom, who is here again for another week, was on her way home and decided to stay, hoping to catch me having the baby. She has to go back to work tomorrow and I've been doing all kinds of walking trying to help along the dilation of the cervix. Nothing yet, but I think it'll be happening soon. Just a feeling I have.

I've been working the berries I picked, washing, straining out the seeds and making jam, knowing that there is a strong possibility I won't be able to work them for the next few days. I used up all the berry juice I had stored in the fridge and it's a good feeling seeing all the jars of jam neatly lined up along the counter and in their boxes, waiting to be put away for later.

We have all the paperwork done for the hospital, my bag is packed and ready to go, I have a towel on the car seat, just in case, I have a plastic bed liner on the bed, just in case... Just a matter of time, now. People are teasing us, hinting at a 4th of July baby.. I hope it won't be that long, but if that's what happens, then that's ok. The doctor told me that they do not let babies go a week past due date, so if I don't have baby by then, they will induce me on the 4th. I really want to avoid being induced, so I will be picking up the pace on the walking if I don't have it soon!

Here's a side by side of how much my belly has grown in 4 months

left-- 5 months pregnant; right-- 9 months pregnant

Hopefully, the next time I write, it will be to announce the birth of the baby!


DJ Kirkby said...

Good luck honey, thinking of you. You look so fabulous. We leave women here to go up to 14 days over their due date. Along with the walking, make sure Hubby does his share of helping to encourage your labour. He actually holds the same 'magic' ingredient that hospitals use a chemical version of to induce labour.

beta said...

yup... some people call it 'sperm'

its the same magic

barefoot gardener said...

You look fabulous! I am so excited for you. I am betting you are more than ready to have your body back to yourself for a while, aren't you?

I am in awe that you have "that feeling" knowing that the baby will come soon. I guess I had it with Little Sprout, because I had a desperate need to get out of the house. Unfortunately, I must have forgotten what it meant. I went shopping instead of patiently waiting for labor to start, and my water broke at the store!

Hmmm....maybe if you find yourself in a similarly inconvenient place, you will start labor?

Wendy said...

Please don't let your doctor's bully you into being induced. It's just such a not good thing! My fourth baby was three weeks passed her "due date", and she's just fine - so was I!

You look amazing, and happy, and just beautiful! I loved being pregnant ;).

Lisa C. said...

4th of July....I remember one day in my spanish class at the residental deaf school the student asked our deaf teacher, Bob Merlino why his birthday was on 4th of July and he said," During the Indepentence Day someone put some firecracker on the sidewalk between my mother's legs that's why I was born on that day." We laughed knowing that he was joking with us.
Don't try it at home! (chuckle)

Patty Keen said...

Waiting is a beautiful thing, isn't it, Jenny? It makes us introspective.

You look so radiant in both pictures. I don't know why but just by looking at your picture, I have a strong feeling your boy will arrive tonight. (Sunday evening)

Take care,

Lantana said...

I agree, you look radiant and very healthy and happy. I hope your baby comes naturally and does not have to be induced.

I have been out of the loop for a couple of days but hope to be here for the big announcement!