Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pregnancy Update #4-- Still Pregnant!

We're still waiting... Everything is ready, the baby clothes, diapers, car seat... All that's left is the arrival of a baby that seems to be content to stay in my womb.

I am genuinely surprised to have made it this far, because I was absolutely positive that I would have had the baby before now. I had contractions that were 10 minutes apart on the 8th of June and I realized that I had not packed a bag for the hospital! So I rushed around getting things packed and ready to go. Then after a couple hours of contractions, they faded away. After that, every time I touch my belly, a look of concern would come across Hubby's face and he would ask if I was alright. I had to reassure him that if I was having contractions again, I'd let him know!

Since then, I have not had any contractions and actually feel pretty good considering. My hips hurt at night when I sleep on my side, and I often wake with leg cramps that jolt me out of bed. Baby moves around and let's me know he is still in there, alive and kicking, but he needs to start moving on out!

If there is anything I am tired of, it's the feeling of being in limbo. The feeling of limiting myself in where I can go and what I can do. Tired of wondering if today is the day. Not being able to bend over and touch my toes without going red in the face. Putting on underwear with sore hips is something I'm ready to say goodbye to.

The girls often ask, as we head out to the doctor appointment, if the doctor is going to take the baby out now. I have to explain that the baby decides when to come out, and he'll come out when he is good and ready. Then Middle asks me, "The baby isn't ripe yet?" Something tells me I talk a little too much about food being ripe before you pick it!

Speaking of ripe-- you can still leave a comment for my Mulberry Jelly Giveaway! I'll have a drawing at the end of the week and send a lucky reader a jar of my freshly made Mulberry Jelly.


barefoot gardener said...

Oh, I hope baby comes soon. I really do, for your sake and because I can't wait to see pics of the little one.

Patty Keen said...

Heh heh, out of mouth of wee babes!!

We say things that we don't want little ones to say but they end up saying them!

I do hope you have a painless and quick delivery, Jenny.

Please do remember, I would love to do a barter with you for the jam!

Just email me.

LS said...

*laff, laff*

Baby isn't ripe yet?

Yea, kitchen mama!

Karen said...

Love that comment from your kiddo! I know the end of pregnancy is always hard, but remember, this is a drop of time in your lifetime. :)

Patty Keen said...

Good morning, my dear sweet friend, checking up on you to see if you are "ripe yet" for the birthing? *hugs hugs*

You hold a special place in the blogosphere, you know that Jenny? Your no-fakery is just so special in a world of cliques.

Patty ox

Lisa C. said...

Baby not ripe? LOL.
Keep jumping up and down so your baby will give up his comfort place and get out! Tell him he got an eviction notice!!
I enjoyed reading your blog posts.

Barbara said...

These last days are always hard. A run about the garden or a curry might work. Of course you know the other thing to bring baby on!!
Best wishes for a nice easy time.

Lantana said...

It must be a boy! They spend 9months trying to get out and the rest of their lives trying to get back in.



Patty Keen said...

Heh heh Lantana!! Oh how much I miss and enjoy your wit!!

Patty oxox