Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santas For Sale-- preview!

It has been a busy day for us. Our digital camera broke and we needed to replace it. Without the camera, I cannot take the pictures I need to sell things on eBay. Without eBay, we cannot earn the money we need to cover our costs for food, gas and bills. Without money for food, gas and bills, well, we wouldn't be here right now. So we scraped together some money and scoured all the sales ads and found the best camera deal for the money. In this case, I am grateful for all the sales for Christmas and we found a pretty nice camera. It isn't my dream camera, but it'll do. It's already a better camera than what we had so I can't complain. Our old camera managed to last more than 4 years, so you can imagine what a dinosaur it must be, by now. Shame, though, because now we can't use the little photo printer that we bought to go with it, but I checked on eBay and they had some on there, so I might sell it on eBay. What good is the printer without the camera?

Anyway.. that's not the topic of this post. When I posted the picture of the painted Santa heads a few days ago, I got some requests from a few people that wanted to know if they could buy them. That was their original intention by my Dad and Stepmom, to paint and then sell. I counted the blanks and I have more than enough to give some as gifts to our families and sell some to others. So, if you are interested in buying any Santa heads, carved by my dad then duplicated by a company then painted by me, (which means these are original and will not be found in stores anywhere) I will be selling a limited number of Santa heads.

I have 8 Santa heads for sale, at $20 apiece, including shipping costs (overseas shipping would be a little higher). I am still painting so the ones above are not all of them. I should be done painting tonight and will post a photo of the finished Santas tomorrow morning. You can pay via paypal and I will post that information along with the picture of the Santas in the morning. I will ship as soon as I receive payment, but I realize that some of these Santas won't get there before Christmas. I didn't plan on selling these, otherwise I would have done this sooner. Anyway, if you are interested, leave a comment.

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