Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Grandma Is Here!

On Sunday, Hubby went East to stay the night at his parent's house. He has been looking for permanent work with better pay and benefits and had a job interview that was set for 7 in the morning. It was for a position about 45 minutes away from home, but the interview was at the headquarters-- 2 1/2 hours away. So to keep from having to wake at 3 in the morning to make the drive over and compete with rush hour traffic, he stayed in his old room at his parent's house. They live about 15 minutes away from where Hubby needed to be.

I was sad to see him go, as it is very rare that we spend a night apart, and I was partly, just a little bit, teensy-weensy envious that he would go to sleep early and not be bothered by the little ones. On the other hand, I was looking forward to having the whole bed to myself and not be groped, fondled and poked by Hubby. Ahh, I was going to have a blissful night of sleep! Not. I ended up tossing and turning, missing the feel of Hubby laying next to me, having our feet crossed together, mine on top of his, and our nightly talks before the light goes off. I turned on the light and checked the clock: 2 am! Argh! Turned off the light again and willed myself to sleep, squeezed my eyes as tight as I could, and next thing I know, Oldest is by the bed and it is morning.

When Hubby is home, he is the one that rises with the girls. He knows I am a grumpy thing when I get less than 8 hours and he lets me sleep until I wake on my own, usually around 8:30. Since he was not home, I woke up when they do, which is around 6:30 and gave the girls their morning juice and I'm sure I messed up their schedule a little, making breakfast earlier than usual. It was a good thing I was awake, Youngest had an appointment for shots that morning. Instead of rushing around getting ready to go, I was calm, cool and collected as we headed out the door 30 minutes before the appointment. But because Hubby wasn't home, I had to take all 3 girlies with me instead of leaving 2 at home with Daddy. There's always a trade-off, somewhere.

After Hubby finished his interview (he wasn't hired), he had orders to stop at a used books/movies store at one of our old haunts. We had a stack of books, music and movies to trade in and Hubby picked up some other movies and books we've been wanting. He also checked out the Home schooling books and turns out there is quite a selection. I mentioned before about wanting to home school my girls and we have decided to go ahead and do it. So now we are looking for supplies and books to use.

Hubby was also picking up my mom to bring her home with him. Yay!! Mom was coming to spend 5 days with us. I always love when she comes to visit, and the girls get excited when Grandma comes to stay. It has been a while since her last visit and have been looking forward to her coming up to stay a few days. We get to catch up and talk, and she gets to see how big her grandchildren have grown from the last time she saw them. She marvels at all the accomplishments they have achieved and the girls are forever saying, "Look at this Grandma! Come see what I did! Over here, Grandma!" They made some pictures and hung them on the wall in her bedroom. Nothing like seeing the girlies with Grandparents!

It was been a nice few days, to have Hubby home with me again ( a nod to all military families who have to spend so many days apart) and having Grandma here, too. I can rest my watching eyes for a bit knowing I have mom sitting with the girls in the living room, watching movies. When Hubby goes to work for his evening shift, I have mom to keep me company after the girls are asleep. I am looking forward to the day when mom retires from work and sells her home to come and live with us. Less than a year to go! Mom leaves on Saturday, when she has to go back to work. I'm hoping to convince Hubby to stay home with the girls, and I'll drive mom home, stopping at yard sales along the way. But chances are, we will all pile into the van and go together, inseparable, a happy family.


sufferingsummer said...

This is so full of family goodness it makes my heart swell. Sorry the job was a bust but still...bringing home Grandma and new (used) books isn't a bad trade. Now I'll really have to stay tuned in to see how home schooling goes for you...we are on that track ourselves but have a few years before we really have to worry much...I'll start collecting your ideas I'm sure!
Glad you have the respite of family and a bit of help now and then...sure does keep a lady sane.

The Good Woman said...

And, right there, I'm homesick.... Special times.

lady macleod said...

aw..*sniff and smile* aw...

I love it! I love it! I love knowing there are people out there being happy, being happy with each other. Selfishly I am happy to hear your mother is so welcome (rings of my future).

Huzzah! Gave me a lift just reading it - I like the entwining feet bit.

Elsie Button said...

once again you paint such a warm, cosy, loving family picture.

wow, i admire you for home teaching - that's great!

Lindystar said...

My goodness you are a sweet kind woman. If anybody ever doubts it just send them to this post.

You love the shit out of your kids and husband, you WANT your mom to come live with you, you give credit to soldiers families ALL IN ONE POST!! I LOVE it!! I love comming to a site and seeing somehting happy for a change (sites in general not just you) It's a great change of weather from politics, war and drunkeness. (and lets not forget you make jelly:)

What a nice read, thank you for sharing. :) xoxo

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Your posts are always so lovely to read. How lucky you are to have your mom with you! My mother last visited me nine years ago. I doubt she'll come again as the journey is too hard on her. I remember when my husband first started working away, how lonely I felt in our bed. I too would wake at 2 a.m. every morning, desperate to go back to sleep. After two years, I have to say I like sleeping on my own for part of the week.

DJ Kirkby said...

In some ways you are so lucky. I would love for my mom to come visit but 12 1/2 hour plane flight is just too much for her. Enjoy your few minutes 'peace' each day while your mom is here.

Annie said...

I can't sleep when hubs isn't there either - no matter how much I think the big bed will be luxury!

jenny said...

Thanks to all for your lovely comments on my post. I have been enjoying Mom's visit so much, I havent spent much time on the computer. I am just now catching up on reading all your blogs and comments.

Thanks for coming back again and again!! xo