Monday, June 18, 2007

Kiddie Popsicles

Living in the mountains, far from heavily populated areas, many people here have wells and septic systems. Your home is pretty much self-sustaining with the exception of being connected to the Power and Phone Companies. There are homes up here that are not connected to anything and use generators and no phones at all (the heathens!).

If you have not tasted fresh mountain water from a well, you don't know what you are missing-- cold and crisp-tasting, no trace of chloride that city water has, just plain yummy! The downside to that is, when you want to fill up a kiddie pool with well water, be prepared to turn into an ice cube! The first time we filled a kiddie pool with water, we mistakenly thought we could dive (not literally!) right in. *GASP* Completely takes your breath away! Every nerve in your body is screaming, "Get out of the water NOW!" Your feet have gone numb! They are beyond numb and are now tingly, inching towards frostbite! Your skin has a bluish tinge to it. By the time you react and jump out of the pool, you can't move and must be laid out on a stretcher with heated blankets and hot cups of hot chocolate-- in 95 degree weather.

We have learned to fill up the pool the day before and let the water warm to air temperature and then our children don't become popsicles. They are beyond kiddie pool age now and are begging us to get one of those "portable" pools that are at least 3 feet deep or more. We are thinking about it, but will need to put aside some money every week to be able to get one. In the meantime, they are content to run about while Hubby aims the hose on them.

We made a grave error in judgement Sunday night. The children were playing outside most of the day and by bedtime, were quite filthy. Playing in the mud and cooking up mud pies will do that to kids. So Hubby had the idea to hose 'em down. Told them to strip naked and Hubby would rinse 'em. They'd run and shriek, dash away and come back for more. Even Youngest joined in the fun! I should have felt the water first. I should have brought Youngest into the house and plunked her into the bath.

When Youngest woke this morning, she had a runny nose and a raging fever. Poor thing. We knew right away it was from that cold mountain water. We feel terrible. I have been watching her all day, alternating between hot and cold, chills and sweats, dunking her in cool baths to bring down the fever. Poor thing was miserable, and when she is miserable, the other two pick up on it and become whiny and miserable, too. I was going to go to the food store today, I couldn't find my wallet. I became whiny and miserable. Hubby was happy to go to work I imagine, although I give him credit for offering to stay home from work. It was a whiny and miserable day.

If you ever make it out to the mountains and you are going to be using well water--- dunk a toe to test the waters, will ya?


Krissie said...

Well, the cold will pass and they'll still remember the fun of being hosed by Daddy... right?

DJ Kirkby said...

Youngest was probably brewing this cold for ages, it wasnt the cold water, dont beat yourself up! I know exactly what you mean about the temp of the water though..I remember loosing sensation down to my bones by the time I had made it ankle deep! I have finaly posted that pic of the chamber pot turned into a plant pot on my blog, it is on the right waaaay down on the right hand side. ((((J)))) xoxo

Dana said...

We had a well when I was growing up and I remember how cold the water was from a Texas well! Can't even begin to imagine water from the mountains.

lady macleod said...

come over here and sit down. can i get you some tea? now listen to me - children do not get colds from cold water, they get colds from a virus. use the guilt for something else. i'm so with krissie on this one, they will remember that fun time long after they never remember some other ole cold.

I do remember that taste you speak of and the coldness, really nothing like it is there?

jenny said...

Krissie-- Oh they remember the fun of getting soaked with the hose, but I still feel bad about Youngest getting sick. No one likes to see their babies getting sick!

Dj-- I looked at your pic of the chamber pot! How cute! You have a fancy one! Youngest is all better now, much to my relief!

Dana-- BRRRRRR!!! Minnesota well water tastes like iron! My mom and Dad grew up there and I remember visiting and loving the iron taste.

Lady M-- I know the cold water didnt casue Youngest to get sick, but I know it didnt help none either... But she is much better today and none of us are whiny and miserable! Hurrah!

Thanks to all for coming back again and again!

sufferingsummer said...

sounds refreshing...just like your little blog face lift...lovely.

LaRonda said...

Your description of the cool, crisp mountain well water has made me soooo thirsty! Sounds like heaven!

~ LaRonda