Tuesday, June 12, 2007

All About Me-- Tagged Again!

I've been tagged by Dana over at Life Turned Upside Down. She writes a wonderful Blog so go and check her out. Meanwhile I am to answer some questions about myself and tag 5 people. The following is a list of the people tagged before me and I am supposed to knock off the top one and put my name on the bottom:

  1. Families Are Like Fudge

  2. Special K Family

  3. Blogging Obsession

  4. Life Turned Upside Down

  5. Mountain Mama

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was happily engaged and frequently calling in sick so we could spend all day in bed doing you-know-what!

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Same thing I am doing now except with a 6 month old baby attached to the boob!

5 snacks I enjoy:

  1. I go nuts for cashews
  2. Edy's chocolate cherry ice cream
  3. anything rhubarb
  4. (does anyone remember) SKOR (why'd they stop making it, is beyond me! I misssssss it!)
  5. My Aunt Nellie's fruit cake

5 songs I know all the lyrics to:

  1. Madonna's "Material Girl"
  2. Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors"
  3. Jefferson Starship's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"
  4. The Eagle's "Hotel California"
  5. R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion"

5 things I would do If I were a millionaire:

  1. Pay off all debts
  2. buy 200 acres and build 10 houses for certain family members and friends with a shared pool, garden and play area
  3. help parents out financially
  4. set up college funds for the girls
  5. vacation to Hawaii

5 bad habits:

  1. I'm an occasional nail-biter
  2. I twirl my hair
  3. I procrastinate
  4. I read blogs instead of paying attention to my girls-- sometimes
  5. dirty dishes sometimes sit in the sink until the next meal

5 things I like to do:

  1. Spend time with my girls and Hubby
  2. sew
  3. baking/cooking
  4. thrifting/yard sale-ing
  5. making stuff

5 things I will never wear again:

  1. skinny jeans
  2. size 36B bras
  3. daisy dukes
  4. leg warmers
  5. banana clips in my hair

5 favorite toys:

  1. my computer (Hubby says we have to get another computer, I SO agree!)
  2. my mandolin for slicing perfect slices of potatoes and other foods
  3. my retro stand mixer for all the baking I do
  4. my digital camera and photo printer
  5. Hubby

Did you learn anything about me?? I am supposed to tag 5 people but it gets hard to tag people when I did a tagging game not too long ago. If you want to do this, be my guest and tell me you did so I can peek at your blog and learn about YOU.


lady macleod said...

Interesting list - I must say I especially like the bit about calling in sick...

Dana said...

I love Hotel California!

I can't believe I forgot all about bannana clips and leg warmers. Wow.

sufferingsummer said...

Fun list I did learn a thing or two...
you can send any old leg warmers my way...I generally wear them every day in the winter!

Lisa C. said...

I have some leg warmers here and don't need them since I moved to Texas from Washington state.