Wednesday, November 13, 2013

516 Vintage

I'm sure you've wondered (I hope) why I've been away from this space for so long.
I wish I could say it's because it was summer and life just got very full, or we went away on a 4 month overseas vacation. 
The sad truth is that Instagram has taken me away.
I am hardly on Facebook anymore, as I don't like the direction it has gone with all the advertising and people posting silly statuses and really, I don't need to know when you go to the gym or how yummy your coffee is. I still have an account there, and I check in every now and then, but mostly, I stay away.
Instagram on the other hand, wow!!
I love that you need to post a picture and it's up to you to caption it or leave it open to suggestions and there are no ads (though I hear it's coming). I confess that ever since I got my new iphone and I was introduced to Instagram, I've been completely hooked.
It's a private account, only for family and friends, and the reason I'm even telling you about this is because I've opened a second public Instagram account to help sell some of my lovely vintage goodies.
We still have the booth, 516 Antiques, located at Berkeley Springs Old Factory Mall, in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. It's doing alright.  I have had good months of sales and some slow months. I enjoy the booth very much, but sometimes I feel a tad overwhelmed when I have to pick out items from my stash at home and price them and pack them in boxes and then figure out the best time to head out to the booth and restock it.
How much easier would it be to just take a photo, list it with a description, send a paypal invoice to the buyer, then send it off in the mail?!  I don't need to leave my home and heck! I can stay in my jammies if I want to!!
So, I need to get the word out, get more people to follow my new account, @516Vintage on Instagram and just see where it goes from there, right?
If you have an Instagram account, follow me @516Vintage.
I've currently got these lovely handmade felt ornaments with embroidered spirograph designs on them with a blanket-stitched edge and a tiny red bell and a shrinky-dink holly leaf charm. I'm asking $10 which includes shipping. Only 7 available!!
I miss this space, and I'm trying to come back here and post more often.
Check out my new link to @516Vintage on the sidebar over there.
Hope to see you there!!


Unknown said...

Still love your site.I will follow you and maybe you will follow me too?? southernbelleclothdolls and ETSY

Unknown said...

I will follow you and you might follow me if you wish.Still love to read your site.And West Virginia at the season change(HOW AWESOME)a time of the year to see. and Still love to read your site from years gone by.You have a gift of writing that reaches out and pulls people in.Hoping you the very very best in all your endeavors.