Thursday, June 6, 2013

Birthday Girl: 11!

 Lucky Evelyn, she got two days of presents!  My Aunt and Uncle, Great-Aunt and Uncle to the kids, came up the day before Evelyn's birthday and gave her an early birthday present.  11 dollar coins! 

 Pay no attention to evil-eyes Peter behind her, but Evelyn was happy to receive more Legos for her birthday!  She got this one, a Lego Friends set, and another Creator 3-in-1 set she adores. 

On her special day, her requested birthday menu was:
Breakfast- omelets
Lunch- taquitos
Dinner- burgers, corn-on-the-cob, and onion potatoes
Pistachio pudding pie in lieu of a cake and boy those 11 candles sure were hot and bright!

 "Make a wish!"
I just love this girl so much! Her smile, her laugh, her lovely way of thinking and doing things, her desire to be independent, the help she gives me around the house and with her younger siblings... I couldn't ask for a better kid! She's equally hard-headed, trying to prove constantly that she can stay up later than the others, sneaking around when she should be asleep, daring to do things that, for me, would require much bravery and she does without batting an eye. She is growing into quite a remarkable young woman and I look forward to those days in the future when she comes home to visit and we get to sit at the kitchen table and share the latest adventures she has. That is, if I ever let her leave the house!
Happy 11th birthday, my Evelyn!
We love you so much!!


Cheyenne said...

Happy Birthday Evelyn!

What pretty blue eyes in that first photo.

She looks like she really enjoyed her two days of gifts.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful young lady and to think a few years back she threw a huge hissy fit over the particular bed sheets it was her sister's turn to have. Oh my, our kids are growing up!!