Friday, December 23, 2011

Out of the Bag!!

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love cats. And how kittens are my kryptonite.
So when I saw an ad in the local paper for two (2!!) pure white kittens, free to a good home, I just couldn't resist!  Andrew and I have always talked about getting a white cat someday, but how often does one see two white kittens at the same time?!  Not too often in my experience. So we called and the lady said she found them and brought them home but already has too many cats of her own. They're now ours.
We told the kids they are an early Christmas gift to the family and boy, they are loved.

We've had them a little more than a week now, and they are just so cute!!
Any of you seen "Despicable Me"??  You know that scene where they are at the amusement park and he wins the unicorn for the little girl?  She squeezes it and squeals, "It's so fluffy!"  That's exactly how I feel about these kittens- they're so fluffy! squeeeee!!

Meet Bones and Walter, the newest additions to the Mountain Mama Zoo!
Tag! You're IT!

I caught a mouse and it was 'this' big!

Well it ain't behind here!

I got it! No, I got it! No, I got it! No, I got it!

Whoa! You can really jump!

Look, you stay there, I'll stay here, and we'll see who catches the mouse!


Whaddaya mean my tail is showing?!

After a few days of growling and Percy giving a few sound smacks, they're all one happy family.  I've seen Percy giving the little ones a bath and he lets them sleep on top of him. Looks like the boys have a new papa!

Do you mind? These pipsqueaks kept me up all night last night, I need my sleep!
 They've been a wonderful addition to the family and a pretty good way to kick start the Holidays. 
Merry Christmas to you and yours! xoxo


kristen said...

Did you know that deafness is a strong trait in white cats? Keep an eye on that as they grow - if it happens, they're in the right family for understanding! :)

Karen Mayes said...


jenny said...

Kristen-- yes, usually male white cats with two different color eyes.. I've had two deaf white cats in my lifetime and I'm always keeping an eye open for a deaf cat in the shelters. These two boys seem to be hearing, though. Never know! Happy Holidays!

Karen-- Aren't they? They melt my heart every time I wake up and see them! Happy Holidays!

Keri said...

They are too cute for words!!! Merry Christmas and happy new yer to you and your fam! =)

Keri said...

er, YEAR! =P

Cheyenne said...

I'm jealous. I love cats, kittens especially, but we have 4 in the house already. The youngest is 16 weeks old already. Walter and Bones are gorgeous little sweeties.