Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Check, Check, and Check!

A poison ivy rash slowly spreads along my arm and what began as a little spot has morphed into a trail creeping down my arm. I feel an itch and my willpower is unable to stifle the urge to scratch. The caution I tell the kids, "stay away from the poison ivy!" Should have been the warning I heeded myself!

Little by little, things are getting caught up around here. The nearly 2 weeks I was laid up from hip and back pain left a lot of unfinished projects. The weeds have nearly taken over the garden! I hope to get out there tomorrow and beat back the weeds.

Yesterday and today was spent prepping the pool area. After last year's fiasco with the water escaping from the pool, we were determined to make sure the ground was perfectly level this time around. I know the garden takes priority over the pool, but the pool keeps the kids occupied so I can do other things without interruption! We shoveled and removed several wagon-fulls of dirt and then smoothed and leveled the ground. Checked and double checked with a level and it's good!

Today we put the kids to work cleaning the grime left from last year. If only my work could be as much fun as their work!! We squirted dish soap on the bottom of the pool, added water and then they slipped, slided, and scrubbed their way around the pool! They were thoroughly soaked and cooled off on this very hot day and the pool is nice and shiny clean again! We'll call the pool water guy to come out, hopefully tomorrow, and then I can do my work while the kids play.

Earlier, since it was too hot to do anything outdoors, we made a run to the hardware store to pick up a few things I need for the chicken fence. I've thought and thought and looked at ideas on the internet and finally came up with a solution for the gate I need to make. Maybe tomorrow when it's too hot to hoe and weed in the garden, I'll sit in the shade and work on my gate.

It feels good to check things off my To-Do list again!

The local orchard just advertised their cherries in the paper today!!! If I had my way, I'd be there RIGHT NOW picking cherries, but more likely, I'll be there Friday morning, maybe Saturday. Can't wait!! There goes another check after I make my cherry-almond jam. Yum!

Hope you're getting things checked off your own To-Do list!

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