Thursday, May 27, 2010


When my sister and her family came up to visit, she made a few things for the girls and I. The girls sure are lucky to to have such a crafty Auntie and I'm lucky to have such a crafty sister!

She crocheted dresses for the girls' Barbie dolls!!
Many of my childhood memories of my sister are of her crocheting something. She would be sitting on the couch with a cat on her lap and making a lap blanket or an afghan or doll dresses or stuffed animals. Then she learned to cross-stitch and she would make all sorts of lovely pictures. She has always had the crafty gene and I love that she is so generous with her gift, usually giving the finished project to friends and family.
The girls love their dresses and have been playing with them non-stop!!
Thanks Auntie!!

For me-- she made this super-cute clothespins bag!

Oh my gosh! I just love this! She picked out fabrics she knew I would love (I do!), sewed it up and embroidered a lovely clothesline with laundry hanging. Totally made on the fly without patterns and I am just blown away by her creativity. I was going to make something similar for myself but hadn't gotten around to it, and I gotta say, I would have never come up with something as nice as this one!

I'm so lucky to have you for a sister! Thank you again for the great clothespins bag! Almost too nice to use, but I will use it and I'll think of you every time I do! I love you so much!!


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DJ Kirkby said...

Oh, I want one of those clothespin bags!