Saturday, June 6, 2009

Computer Glitch Update

I took the computer in to the local fix-it shop and they were able to recover some of my pictures. A lot is gone, though, like the last 18 months worth of pictures. I'm sad about it but it's not a total loss because thanks to my blogging, I still have baby pictures of Baby, puppy pictures of Maisy, baby chick pictures, and lots of other stuff. If not for my blog, then I would have probably broken down and cried in the fix-it shop.

I also learned something new about my computer:: Apparently, when we are surfing the 'net, the computer picks up images we click on here and there and saves them. When they pulled up my recovered pictures, they had a separate file labeled "internet pics" and I didn't understand what they were because there were pictures of total strangers with a few I recognized from blogs I visit. They explained to me that the computer saved them. huh. Didn't know that. I knew about being able to track where you've been, but not about pictures.

Mixed in among my recovered pictures of photos I did take, were also random images from the internet, like photos we clicked on to see in ebay and etsy. There were 757 recovered photos and more than half were random images that I deleted. Of the pictures I have left, many are duplicates, so total pictures recovered? Less than 250.

I will be printing pictures more often to put away into photo albums and I also bought a memory stick for back-up. This was a lesson learned, and one I don't care to repeat.

On the bright side of things, the computer was totally cleaned out and is running faster now. We had to download some programs to be able to watch news clips and tv shows and it's kind of nice to have a "fresh" computer again. I can't post any recent photos until I upload the photo program I had, so those pictures of Oldest in the previous post are the only ones I have left from the recovered photos.

We can't afford one now, but hopefully, later on, we will get a second computer for the kids to use. One that they can play their games on, do their schoolwork and other things and keep them away from 'Mommy and Daddy's computer'.

We have an old laptop and when I asked the fix-it shop about it, they said it would cost too much to refurbish and I could probably get more money for it selling it as 'parts' on ebay. I find that so hard to believe-- that a laptop that cost us over 1,200 new less than 10 years ago is now worthless. sigh... Any suggestions out there? I can't accept that my only option is to sell the laptop for parts.


Wendy said...

We have a separate computer for the kids. Because I work from home using my computer, the kids have never been permitted to use *mom's* computer ;).

If you're not already a member, you might try freecycle. Sometimes people are giving away their "old" computers when they upgrade, and sometimes the older ones work just fine for the kids to use.

Keri said...

10 years old? Wow. Yeah, the computer techs are correct that it will cost more to refurbish it because the parts needed are going to be hard to find due to updated technology. I would sell the laptop and use the money (or save until you have enough) to buy another laptop for your kiddos (used or even new-you can find deals at stores like Costco for $200).

FYI: the memory stick will not be able to hold many photos for long. You may want to invest in a hard drive for backing up the data/pics in your computer. This hard drive will last much longer due to a higher memory storage capacity.

Bluemeya said...

HI. Sorry to hear about losing some pictures. I agree... next goal is to get the children their own computer/laptop. I've learned my lesson. I have all three of mine attacking my computer on a daily basis.... not good. Smiles.
I will send you an email to your aol account. We will be going to Winchester for Darena's pawpaw funeral on Tuesday. Hopefully we will get a chance to see you as well.

Leon said...

Sorry about your lost pictures. For back up we use - it's free and also lets you to see your pictures from any computer with internet access - comes in handy when you're visiting your friends or relatives and want to show them the pictures. Also, once set up it's all automatic. And yeah, you can back up any files, not just pictures.