Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Crafts

As of Sunrise Monday morning, hunting season is in full swing around here. West Virginians take hunting very seriously and the schools here close for a whole week instead of the usual 3 days for the holiday. Living where we do, with 2 sets of neighbors that are hunting around our property, we will be staying in the house just in case. No matter how skilled a hunter they are, accidents still happen and I'd rather be safe than sorry.

We have been doing crafts this month that are Thanksgiving related and I thought it would be time to post about what we're doing. Maybe you want some ideas on what to do to keep your kids busy while you're getting ready for dinner preparations, or maybe the kids said "I'm bored" one too many times... well, here's what we did:

Handprint and footprint turkeys! Trace hands and feet and then assemble to look like turkeys. Makes a cute picture and the bonus is to remember how small their feet and hands were. Oldest went a step further and drew feathers and then made a nest full of eggs for the turkey to sit on. She added black dots on all the eggs and when I asked why, she said the babies are peeking out of their shells. After Thanksgiving, these turkeys will go in their memory boxes-- I have a box for each child and I save extra special drawings and mementos.

Last Friday (I try to do art class every Friday) we had our new friend join us for art class and they made pilgrims! Paint pointy party hats black, then cut out construction paper to make faces, hats, arms and belts and buckles. Assemble and glue to parts to the hat and presto! A pilgrim! Oldest again, went a step further and cut out yellow construction paper for hair. Oldest and our new friend are both 6 and they did this project with minimal help from us, Middle is 4 and Youngest is almost 3 and they needed a bit more help to assemble and glue the pieces together. It was lots of fun though, and they'll look great on the table for Thanksgiving dinner!
While we waited for the paint to dry on the hats, we took a short break and the kids made cranberry bread. After the bread was put in the oven, we went back to finish the pilgrims. We found all sorts of recipes in cookbooks and on the internet, and they're all pretty standard. I've made several different kinds and they are always yummy, so if you've never had cranberry bread, now is the time to make some-- cranberries are on sale everywhere and you can buy extra and freeze them.
Happy crafting!


DJ Kirkby said...

Sometimes, while reading posts like this, I envy you being able to homeschool your children. I wish I could afford to offer N3S an oppourtunity to grow in an enviornment like this instead of the soul destroying overcrowded classroom enviornment he has to endure.

barefoot gardener said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I wish I had your patience with Littles....

jenny said...

Dj-- I have my moments where I wonder if I am doing the right thing by home schooling; I wonder if I'm not depriving them the experience of public school. But msot of the time, I feel like we are doing the right thing and it works for us. Maybe one day, when the books you publish start making you big bucks, you'll be able to stay home with N3S. I remember from your own tales and then my stories, that school is not always a fun place to be, and I hope that N3S will be alright. He already has a loving family and that's the best start right there! :o) ((hugs))

Barefoot-- Looks like you're feeling better, if you are making the rounds! :o) I didn't want to catch what you had, so I stayed away! ;o) I only have so much patience, but I like crafting so this is fun for me!

Sparx said...

Wow, I love the stuff you do with your kids, you're so cool.