Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Party Time!

Well, we survived! We had a double birthday party for Youngest and Middle on Saturday and I spent Thursday and Friday getting everything ready for the party. Thursday, Hubby went 2 hours east to pick up my Mom and bring her here for the week. I really like having her here when we are having a party because she can help keep the kids occupied and out of the kitchen while I'm in there.

I have always made my own party food and cakes and this party was no exception. I made 2 cakes and decorated them with snowflakes for the winter birthday girls (I have a daisy cake pan for the summer parties). We had hardly any leftover cake, so I'm glad I made 2.

The day before, I made and baked 3 pizza crusts and then assembled the toppings the morning of the party. We also had a little veggie platter with dips and some strawberries and melons. We had zero leftovers and I like when that happens! I had the girls cut construction paper and make a paper chain for decorations and we used all the cool colors, blue, greens and purples and they were so proud to see them hung up on the walls.

The party was great! It was all family and the girls seemed to have fun with all their aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins. After everyone left, Middle commented that she didn't have any fun. When asked why, she said that there were too many people here and it was too loud. I have noticed that she doesn't do well in large groups of people and often covers her ears when things are loud, so I wasn't surprised to hear her say that. But my Mom was in awe that a little, nearly 4 year old child, could state so clearly why she didn't enjoy the party and much preferred to have just us without all the extra people and noise.

Middle's birthday is on Thursday and I will make monkey bread for breakfast and then probably all the foods she likes for lunch and dinner. I like to make their birthday special and making their favorite meals makes them feel like it is their day. Oldest had a few jealousy issues with some of the new presents her sisters got and I had to explain to her that when her day came, she would get presents but not her sisters. I know it doesn't seem fair at the time, but her birthday will come and with it, maybe her own new barbie doll.

It's snowing up here now and I hope we will have enough snow for the girls to go out and play. Supposed to snow off and on all day, and I don't know what the predicted amount of snow we are going to get is supposed to be. The girls have their faces pressed against the windows and have already said they hope more will come down so they can go out and play. If it is snowing where you are, enjoy the pretty winter scenery outside your windows! Happy snow day!


LaRonda said...


What's Monkey bread?

~ LaRonda

Karen Putz said...

Those cakes look absolutely delicious!

jenny said...

Laronda-- They are little pieces of dough that are rolled in cinnamon and sugar then tossed into a loaf pan. Melt some butter and brown sugar and pour on top then bake about 20 minutes. Flip it upside down on a plate and watch everyone eat like monkeys, grabbing a piece and popping it in their mouths. I've heard of it being called wish bread, too. I'll be happy to take a picture of it on Thursday with the recipe and post it.

Karen-- Thank you! :o)

D-HOR said...

Alright Marthat Stewart those cakes are BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

MMMMMMmmmmmmm Monkey Bread *shudder* oh gawwwwdd Mmmmmmmmm

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Two beautiful cakes for two beautiful girls. I'm looking forward to the monkey cake recipe.

Sparx said...

Hey, they look great! I'm looking forward to the monkey bread recipe too, sounds like something my frog would love! Oh and hey, I got my fabulous Santa head today, thanks, it's so cool!

jenny said...

dhor-- Aww *blush* I'm no martha stewart!! Thanks!! Ain't that monkey bread something else?? MMMMMM!!!

Coffee-- And they were yummy cakes, too! Recipe coming up!

Sparx-- Wow! You got the Santa head already? That was fast! Glad you like it!! :o) Your frog AND spud would like the monkey bread!

******* said...

Those cakes are so cute! Your daughter is, too!

I want to try that monkey bread, yum.

Sparx said...

Jenny - yes, I bet they would both love it, the frog in particular!