Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Story Time at the Library

I took the girls to 'Story Time' at the public Library today. I am ashamed to say that in the more than 2 years we lived here, this is the first time I have stepped foot in the library. When we were kids, I practically lived at the library, devouring books and knowing the names of all the librarians. I was even given a job to help clean the library, but I digress, I am talking about 'Story Time'.

I wanted to do something different, to have the girls away from familiar surroundings and do something they've never done before. So, I looked up local events and saw that the library had story time every Wednesday morning at 11:00. Perfect! I made sure to tell Hubby the night before and again when I woke, that I was leaving to take the girls to the library. Hubby has a busy mind and tends to forget unless I remind him several times, and then he'll snap at me and say, I know, you told me already! Then when I am headed out the door, he'll ask where am I going. I made sure to tell the girls to get dressed after breakfast because we were going to the library and we needed to leave at 10:00. As any parent will tell you, it takes a bit longer to get ready for things with children than it was when you were a single individual, so I was trying to herd along the girlies so I could at least leave by 10:15. Middle told me she didn't want to get any shots at the library. Oh dear!

It takes about 20 minutes to get into town, driving up and down winding mountain roads, and then suddenly, you are in town. What made people see a mountain and decide that this was the perfect place to build a town? To carve out solid rock and make room for a house here and a store there. To bull doze part of a hill and put a Deaf school there. It makes for beautiful views but it stunts growth and there is no room for more, which come to think of it, makes it ideal for those small-town lovers.

We arrived at the library in good time, but the parking lot was packed, and by packed, I mean there were 15 cars in the parking lot and no room for any more. So I had to park across the street at the Rite Aid where there were signs every 20 feet warning, "Parking for Rite Aid Customers Only Violators Towed At Owners Expense". I felt obligated to drag three girlies into Rite Aid with me and buy a couple of drinks and then place them on the front seat with the receipt face up, clearly showing the Rite Aid logo, thereby proving I am a Rite Aid customer.

We jay-walk across the street and into the library and I can see, in the back where the children's book section is, other children are gathered. There were maybe 10 children altogether, mostly girls. Oldest was absolutely delighted to see all the books and happily went up and down each aisle grabbing random books to add to the growing pile in her arms. Middle was clinging to my leg and Youngest was giggling while running and playing peek-a-boo with me, disappearing behind the shelves.

Finally it was time to begin and there is a large wooden rocking chair sitting at the top of a large oval rug with a colorful border of the alphabet. I assumed the reader would be sitting in the rocking chair so I told two of my girlies to sit close to the chair so they could get good viewing of the pictures in the book. Youngest sat on my lap, flipping the pages of a picture book. A plump, casually dressed woman with over-done, highlighted hair grabs a kiddie chair and sits opposite of the rocker and starts to read. If you were looking at me, you would have seen my eyes roll around and if you were listening hard enough, a hiss escaped my lips. My girls flipped around and scooched closer to hear Miss Reader tell her tale.

I was sitting maybe 10 feet away and I couldn't hear her, so I don't know what was said. She read 2 books, of which my girls sat rapt and didn't move a muscle, while 2 rambunctious little boys ran around from one end of the room to the other, a curly-haired girl kept getting up to drink water out of a paper cone, and another girl rolled back and forth on the floor, her arms and feet bumping the other children. I was tempted to tell the mothers to take their kids and shoo! But my mouth behaved and I busied myself with Youngest. When the second story was over, Miss Reader stood and said she had a surprise, then she pulled out a brown paper bag puppet modeled after the bear in the second story. Apparently the bear was sleeping a lot and so when the bag was closed, the bear had eyelashes shut and he was asleep, but open the bag to expose 2 eyes and the bear was awake! Oldest looked back at me, with eyes that asked me if she could make a puppet, please please please! And I waved my arm, indicating her to go ahead and craft away!

Middle hung back, her eyes heavy with tears, her bottom lip quivering and I knew at once, there were too many people crowding around the table, mothers helping their children and the sound levels of voices talking and directing and laughter was too much for Middle to bear. I checked to be sure Oldest was doing fine, then I grabbed supplies for making another puppet and lead Middle to a table by herself and helped her make her own bear puppet. Her big smile when it was complete was enough to melt my heart.

Time to go and Oldest started stomping her feet and pointing at the books, "I don't want to go home. I want to buy some books!" I tried to explain, first gently, then sternly, that you have to borrow books from a library and that I just applied for a library card and they would send it in the mail and we could borrow books next time. "I don't want to go home. I want to buy some books!" Finally, I just dragged her pissy butt out of the library, across the street and much to my relief, my car, which was not towed away. All the way home, down winding roads, I had to endure kicks to the seat and when I looked in the rear view mirror to see what she wanted, all she had to say was, "I want to buy some books!" Argh!


The Good Woman said...

I agree that sometimes just hauling a youngster to the car is the best way forward. I tend to stick her under an arm with feet kicking out back and arms flailing forward. Don't know how to do this if you've still got two others to manage though!

And I have things arranged a bit differently with Bambi. I take her to play at Toys r Us. One day she'll figure out that its possible to buy things and take them home but for now its treated like a play barn. Jeez, I am so cheap!

IndianaJones said...

I would totally do the same thing with the Rite Aid receipt and drinks...that made me laugh.
My husband is also the same way, you are kind to say he just has a 'busy mind'. I'm afraid I just call it selective listening which after the 3rd time turns into flat out ignoring...and then I get snippy...not a pretty sight.
Glad you ventured out to the Library...I don't think we could live without it...movies, books for him, me and the girl without dropping a penny on them...not to bad.

DJ Kirkby said...

Lol, Oldest sounds like a powerhouse, she is gowing to grow into a strong confident and secure individual, with excellent taste in material things! Books... such a good thing to ask for. Middle sounds as if she is going to be your dreamer, shy, introspective and one to watch for as she deliberates the nessesary
action(s) and then moves from sucess to sucess. I loved the library too but do not ever getting to make any crafts there! Hope you get your card soon, but dread to think what will happen when Oldest realises her precious books must be returned once the loan period is up! I was impressed with your parking solution!

Krissie said...

Ah libraries...
Y'know, when I was in primary school, my mom would take me and my sis to library to borrow books every Saturday and the limit was three books per card but the nice lady librarian would always let me have six because she knew that three is not nearly enough.
Keep bringing your girls to the library. They will appreciate it.

jenny said...

GW-- LOL! I used to do the same thing at Toys R Us until Oldest realized we could buy them and then she started to pout and whine. From one cheap mom to another! LOL!

SS- You are absolutely right about "selective hearing". I was trying to be nice but it's true. And then he calls ME a "Nag!" I think we will be making more trips to the library, small though, but it'll do.

Dj-- Thanks for your insight on the girls' personalities. Oldest is definetely head-strong and shows it! Middle does tend to either get clingy or pushes you away to "do it by myself!" Not too sure on Youngest yet, still top early to say.
As for parking, I was trying to be cheap and avoid paying the parking meter on the street! LOL! I don't know if it was worth the added worry about the possibility of being towed, so I think maybe next time I'll just pay the silly 50 cents!

K-- I was a library hound when I was a kid and the library was on the way home from school. I was there nearly everyday!
By the way, I can't get into your Blog... Your bouncers wont let me in! I tried to show my proper ID but apparently it's a fake! :o)

Krissie said...

Oh God, Jenny! I had to change my settings to private for some reasons. E-mail me so can invite you! Sorry about that! I was sure I left you a message! I'm an idiot.