Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bunny Containers

 I save all the cardboard containers the oatmeal comes in.  They're pretty handy for storing things after the oatmeal has long since been enjoyed. I also use them for giving cookie gifts-- the smaller containers hold a perfect dozen and I draw pictures and silly quotes on the containers themselves. Some brands have their designs printed right on the cardboard, which is easily painted over with white paint.  Another brand from a local food store has a paper wrapper, which I love, because after I take off the wrapper, I'm left with a plain white container!

Before Christmas, I saw a cute idea using the oatmeal containers as a gift box-- draw or paint a snowman body, then use a scrap of fabric for a scarf and another larger scrap for making a knit cap for the snowman to wear. Fill with candy or small gifts, as you would a Christmas stocking. What a fun idea!  Never got around to making them last Christmas, but here's my version for Easter:

Bunny containers!!
So easy to make and the kids had a lot of fun drawing faces and doing the ears. I looked online for bunny face patterns and there are hundreds of different designs you can use. Pick your favorite and draw away! I picked one out and drew it on a piece of paper, then told the kids to make a face like that and they personalized them with eyelashes or bow ties.

 We glued cotton balls to the back for tails and ears were stapled.

We have family coming over for Easter, so these will all be given away after I've filled them with goodies-- candy and little gifts. Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles will also get a picture of the kiddos inside their containers.

It's not too late to start saving your oatmeal containers. Buy a bunch and eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday or make granola or a bunch of oatmeal cookies.  It takes one container for one batch of cookies, so if you need 3, make 3 batches! This was a fun little project for the kids and a great way to recycle nifty little containers. Let me know if you make any!  


Peg said...

Adorable! And the bunny containers are cute too. :) Such a clever idea.

Cheyenne said...

Those are really cute. It's nice that your kids all tookpart in decorating and creating them. Ingenious.