Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Catching Up!

So, April has been a really crazy month. I can't believe how fast it went by!  We helped celebrate Andrew's parents 50th wedding anniversary and then we all got sick with upper respiratory infection which knocked us all out of commission for a week or so. 

We've been trying to get the garden started but with us being sick and then the rain and the usual busyness around here it just hasn't happened yet. 
I bought some plants this week hoping that it will give us incentive to get busy on the garden. I don't want to complain about the rain since rain is good, but
jeez! The ground is just too wet for us to till!  Fingers crossed we get the plants and seeds in by the end of the week!

April also seemed full of visitors from our past! Andrew and I both got to see old friends from our school days and it was an absolute blast! I got a weekend away and stayed at my best friend's house and  saw people I hadn't seen in more than twenty years! Good times!

May has only just begun and already children are singing the "I'm bored" song! Oh dear! This is going to be a long summer isn't it?  So Sylvia looks through a craft book and comes across an earthworm puppet. We have just about everything needed except for brown tissue paper, so we used blue and instead of an earthworm, he's now a blue caterpillar!
 Peter's caterpillar puppet. 
Sylvia's puppet. Pretty cute and easy to make: poke a hole in a plastic cup; trace the child's hand three times on green paper for the grass and glue or tape to the cup. For the worm/caterpillar, use a bendy drinking straw and cover in tissue paper that has been covered in a half and half mixture of white glue and water. Wrap around the straw then push up to create the wrinkles and pinch together the tip for the head. Glue googly eyes on the head then wait for glue to dry. 

When dry, just pop the straw into the cup and watch your worm/caterpillar puppet pop his head out of the grass!

Now if I can find more easy-to-do projects like this to last the whole summer then I'll never have to hear that "I'm bored" song again!

Here's to a busy May! 

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