Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snowstorm: Winter 2013

Nearly every snowstorm predicted for our area this Winter was projected into something much worse than what actually came. The weather-reporter would announce drastic drops in temperatures; slick, icy roads; power outages due to the massive amounts of snow; or warnings to stock up on supplies in case you're snowed in!  Almost every time, the resulting storm just gave us a dusting, or a light coating of ice that melted away within hours. 

So surely, you couldn't blame us for scoffing at the recent announcements for a snowstorm heading our way.  Just in case, I did check the pantry and the fridge, and made sure we had plenty of food and batteries--we did.  But we didn't give the upcoming storm any more thought. We went out to town to run errands and stopped at the thrift store to donate a few bags of clothing, and while there, I spotted a metal saucer for sledding! Couldn't pass that up, but I figured it would be put away until next Winter.

Imagine our surprise when we woke up to this! A foot of snow and still coming down! Oh my!
And the snow was perfect for sledding-- we got to use the metal saucer after all! It was also perfect for making forts and we used an old litter bucket for making snow "bricks" and the kids were out there for hours working on their fort!

Good thing I hadn't yet put away the snow clothes, the boots, mittens, and hats. For one last time (perhaps), the kids were happy to don the many layers of warmth and dash outside to the white world to play. For one last time (I hope), I have to hang up all the discarded wet socks and mittens, pull turned out sleeves right side out so they'll dry, pick up wet pants and shirts. Oh, one last hurrah for Old Man Winter!

Today, the day after, the temperatures rose to above 60 and just as quick as the snow came, it all started to melt away. A foot of snow doesn't go away so quick, but as the kids have discovered, it sure gets heavy and watery and clothes get soaked a lot quicker when the snow they're playing with is melting snow and not frozen snow. The sun shone bright and warm and the whole house lit up with the light reflecting off the snow and into all the windows-- an early taste of the Sun! How I miss those sunny days! 

By the end of the weekend, if the weather reports are correct, the snow will be gone and all that's left will be puddles and muddy foot-prints all around the house! 


Ron said...

Holy smokes! That must have been one of the storms that just clipped us. We have yet to have enough snow to build forts with... but I won't complain if no more white stuff falls this year.

jenny said...

Ron-- Glad it didn't drop lots of snow out your way like we got! It's quickly melting, maybe down to about 6 inches now, turning everything into a muddy mess. No complaints from me, either, if we get no more snow this Winter!