Friday, January 25, 2013

Over It!

I've moved on and I'm over the loss of my old coupon binder.

 I got a new binder and pages and set up shop the other day.  I cut out all the coupons I had at home and, like a madwoman, I also printed out a ton of coupons off the internet. I spent several hours cutting and organizing and making divider pages. It's filling up nicely!

It occurred to me the other day, that while I may have lost my coupon binder, I did not lose my knowledge on how to get more coupons and how to use them to their maximum potential. Upon realizing this, I instantly felt better about losing the old coupon binder. While it still hurts, financially, to have lost all the store credit and gift cards, I can easily start over and eventually, I'll build up my store credit and gift cards again. It took me several months to learn how to coupon to the extent that I do-- the tricks and the secret of using store and manufacturer's coupons at the same time. Now that I have that knowledge, I can never lose it. What a difference that made, in helping me get past the loss.

The other good thing is the papers have coupons every week so it's comforting knowing that. Speaking of newspapers, this Sunday's paper is supposed to be loaded with coupons, so if there are any couponers that read this, plan on getting at least two papers. I'll probably get two of each paper for a total of four. We have a local paper that only gets about half of the coupons the big paper gets, but the value of the coupons are often different. It's a regional issue, but sometimes the values in the smaller, cheaper paper are better than the bigger, more costly paper. I have been known to buy up to 8 copies of the smaller paper, just for a certain coupon!

In any case, this will be the last post I write about my lost binder. It's not the only thing I think about anymore and I'm moving on to other things. Like, snow! And the cold! Brrr! 18 degrees today with about 3 inches of snow so far out there! The way it's coming down, I wouldn't be surprised if we get at least 5 inches or more. Stay warm!


Cheyenne said...

New beginnings. Your coupons will be bigger and better in no time.

We got four coupon booklets in the paper today. We get them on a Saturday now. Anything to confuse me.

jenny said...

Cheyenne-- Our local paper also does coupons and sales papers on Saturdays, too. They don't publish on Sundays, so it's kind of nice to get a preview of sales on Saturdays instead of waiting until Sunday. Only 2 coupon inserts in the local paper, though. Tomorrow with the Wash Post will be the big one!